10 Days without the two.

International Junior Science Olympiad(IJSO) is a very prestigious competition held every year. The competition is mostly based on Science topics, so that includes the three major sciences: Biology, Chemistry and Physics. It’s an amazing thing that I really want to see it close-up. Too bad that it is happening in Nigeria– far far away from oh-so bipolar weather Philippines.

Thankfully two people that I am close to are going there to represent the Philippines. One of them is a friend of mine and the other is a classmate that I really trust and admire.

First off, Dave Ramos. He’s this really smart guy who seems to know almost everything. He gets the highest of grades and it looks like he doesn’t even try that hard to get them; he’s like a genius. He’s one of those people that at 11pm or even later, he’s still up and hasn’t even finished half the homeworks on the list. It’s quite amusing actually, but that’s one of the reasons I’m sort of close to him. Talking late at night in order to finish requirements and I tend to leech off answers from him. Teehee. He’s really laid back despite all of the things I just stated above. I’ll miss him for the 10-days since I have no one to leech off help in Chem, Physics and Math from. xD Oh! I forgot to include that his presence makes my day happier especially when you see him run into the classroom because he’s late. 😀

The second person would be my friend, Raimarc Dionido. We’re in the same barkada, which is composed mostly of people from my first year section, Sapphire. He’s like Dave also except more responsible. At around 11pm, you’ll still see him awake, but at least by then most of his homeworks are done and the only reason he’s still online is because he isn’t sleepy yet or he’s playing. I go to him for help too, but I don’t leech off of him as much as Dave. He’s my anime companion and we can spend hours talking about anime and that has really happened before(we got lucky it was a long weekend when it happened). He’s that friend of mine who helped me right at the moment of my separation, so I’m really grateful for him. For the 10-days of him being gone, I’ll miss our late night talks and those sound trips & guitar playing at the gazebo.

I really hope they do well along with the 4 other representatives going to Nigeria. I know they’ll do their very best and will try to make the country proud. I wish they’d stay safe and take this competition and trip as a worth while experience.


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