The picture above was taken on December 10, 2010 by Lianne Visperas who photoshopped it afterwards. This is my 3rd year class, Sodium. We aren’t complete in this picture considering 2 of them are in Nigeria and the others didn’t go. I really enjoyed the 3 quarters I had with them because everyone, in our section, have their own unique traits that make the section as a whole.

On the day the picture was taken, we had the class Christmas party. Everyone pitched in for the paying of food except for people like Jelor and Anjelo, but they said they’ll make up for it another time. It was a really random day considering we were all over the place.

You were either at the grandstand playing Beyblades, Monopoly, watching stuff on the laptop or playing with the bunnies OR you were at the field playing frisbee or badminton at the oval. Even though we were scattered, we usually knew where each of us went because it was just two places: the field and grandstand.

One of the events we had was human bingo. Apparently, the reason why ma’am Dawn asked us to write three unique things about yourself was because of that game. I shall quote ma’am Dawn:

I used three things to find info: the piece of paper with the three things, your personal data sheet & I stalked your facebooks.

We found it amusing that ma’am went to the level of stalking us to find info, but it was a fruitful endeavor because some of the information placed, we didn’t even know about. We learned so much about our classmates like: Gaby doesn’t like drinking softdrinks and Dave likes cooking. Kit is the oldest among 6 siblings while Dennis is the youngest of 5 siblings. Some people found the traits amusing like Ima finds the glass stained windows of cathedrals interesting & Leona’s nosebleed 7 times a day thing. We also learned what some of our classmates thought about themselves like Shejay thinks she’s a pessimist while Marlo thinks that he’s blunt about his opinions. What was mine? Winning Pandemic 2 on realistic mode on 2nd try without refreshing the screen as so to land to the desired country. Okay, that was the long super defined thing, but ma’am just placed Finished Pandemic 2 on second try.

After that event, boom! Scattering time again. While the others were at the field playing frisbee, most of those who were at the grandstand played Pinoy Henyo: Sodium version. Sodium’s version of Pinoy Henyo is too epic that people really stray away from us once we start playing it. Of course, we had to drag a non-Sodium person into the event a.k.a Quina.

After that, we had the Kris Kringle of Sodium. It really went well seeing as everyone got what they asked in their wish list like Patrick got his Scott Pilgrim comic book and Janina got the bunnies she wanted. Yes, the rampaging bunnies were actually Kris Kringle gifts. The one who got my name was Marlo, but he didn’t have cash to buy what I wanted so he improvised giving me a pillow with dogs on it. Yay! ๐Ÿ˜€ I also gave Miel the planner she wanted.

So yeah, the whole day was really splendid. It was really fun and tiring, I mean the moment I got home I went to my room and slept. It was really fun and a really well spent day. It also made me realize that there’s only one more quarter left in 3rd year, so that means one more quarter with Sodium. Miel and I both vowed to make the 4th quarter a well-spent one with our section, Sodium. ๐Ÿ™‚



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