Surfaced Friendships

There’s always this one person in life that at the start you weren’t on good terms. You disliked each others guts or there was just a lot of friction. Yet as time goes by, you start to acknowledge that person’s presence, but to a degree of just acceptance. You had small talks, but nothing huge, but through that they slowly become a really important person, a friend. You can label this person as that, Jia Peña. Before going on, I would like to point out that the MAC has such wonders with the ” ˜ ” part of letters. All you do is press alt + n and it appears and to put the letter under, you just press the letter on the keyboard. Weee!! I am partially high.

Jia is probably one of those amusing friends I have. How? Topics we talk about are completely random and have no connection at times. That’s what she and Leona probably have in common– random topics. That’s her specialty in conversations, but its also best not to trust her to find ways to cheer you up when you’re seriously down. Though she has that as a weak spot, her randomness and idiotic antics make her very lovable. She is one of those people who have learned to embrace how they truly are and use it to their advantage. For me, she isn’t a faker. She knows how to truly be herself though at times by being herself she ends up in places you don’t want to go to.

I’d probably continue about her life before high school where things were rocky, but I did promise her and myself that I would never bring that up in my wordpress, so just thoughts about it will be kept between her and me. One notable fact, she has a knack for figuring out how people act and reply for example, she knows that I never say the words I love you to her without following up with a totally long clause about how it’s not gay. I always place that clause for precautionary measures, hehe.  I tried testing it out once, well not me but rather Maki. Jia responded in a manner that asked who was using my Y!m. Amusing. She figured out it wasn’t me. :)) I should trust her more often, not saying I don’t, but yeah.

To that Computer Science part of mine for 2 quarters, I dearly miss you as a classmate and we seriously need to start the JAVA project soon. I love you! In a totally non-gay manner because if I don’t say that all hell will break loose. xD


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