The word VAIN.

You see the totally awesome wearing retainers, that is Lianne Visperas. This is one of the few pictures of two of us together. She’s the photographer of our class, so most events that need a camera, we always call her on. She likes taking pictures and lots of them, so in the process, we, Sodium people, turn into vain people who just love the camera and want camera time. The reason why she usually has her camera is because of MM, the Multimedia Elective of our school. She seems to be doing well in the said elective because she’s always dedicated to finishing anything MM-related.

This is my first time being classmates with her. Actually, for almost everyone in Sodium, it’s just this 3rd year I got to know them more. The exceptions would ONLY be Patrick, Gaby and Leona. Though I only got to know her this school year, she’s very approachable and she always wants company. She’s always in a positive mood except during those hellish school weeks when there are lots of things due and that’s when she becomes super stressed that she over-thinks things. Yet, even with this part of her personality, she’s really lovable because she always tries to lend a helping hand. I could say she’s one of the people who have gained my trust this year, which is kind of tough to do since I just don’t tell things that are personal to just anyone.

Hey Lianne, I know you read my blog at times. I’m seriously sorry that it’s short, but like I said, I only got to know more this year. I hope there’s a lot more awesome experiences with you, and Sodium of course, to come. 😉


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