Because I was “busy” on the 19th….

Double dosage of awesome people again!

First off! This is Marlo Olveña also known as the Seducer. :)) Just kidding, but he does like seducing people once in a while. Of course he has learned that some people are just fast learners and voila!, people in Sodium know how to seduce. He’s a really awesome person who tries to make everyone feel better by showing his own misery instead. Sadly, it doesn’t work on me since he’s showing that he’s miserable, which makes me sad in a way. I care for my friends, ok?

Marlo is someone I got to know more this 3rd year. I’ve known him since 2nd year, but that’s because I kept crashing the Sampaguita room from time to time. He’s one of my groupmates in STR and well, as a group, we’re having a hard time in STR. I hope we can get through the last quarter of STR because I’m seriously scared that we won’t. He’s one of the people who I really notice in class like his presence. I don’t know what else to say; he’s someone who I trust I guess. I don’t mind sharing my problems with him. 🙂

It’s hotness. :> Haha. This is Ryan Tuzon, one of my fellow Sapphire classmates and barkada. I didn’t get to know him that much in first year, but around 2nd year, I started to get to know more and he’s one of this awesome people to talk to. We usually share our problems to each other, which is really cool. He knows how to see things from different point of views, which is why when you share problems, he understands what one is sharing in a way.

He’s one of the guitar players of Sapphire, but Sapphire seems to be dominated with guitar players. He likes playing the guitar and has fun learning more stuff to play as time goes by. He’s a music person like most Sapphire people. He’s one of the less mischievous people of the Sapphire gazebo since he isn’t the type to start soda wars. He’s a gentleman in a way and he’s always willing to accompany friends if ever they need to go to the cafeteria or submit something at a certain unit. 😀


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