23 * 3 = 69

Because during the 23rd I was both lazy and busy with family affairs, I couldn’t do a certain post for a certain someone. :))

So you may be wondering who is the seriously huge person in the picture to the left. The person in the picture is Jelor Gallego, a classmate of mine this 3rd year. Like most of my 3rd year classmates, I only got to know him more this year.He’s one of the members of AKSIS and he’s under the arm Aksis Lead. Joan and I are planning to request for him to return to Aksis Speak next year because we feel he is better suited there, so Jelor, heads up. šŸ˜‰

He’s a very outspoken person. He isn’t afraid to share his beliefs and ideals. He’s one of those people who likes to have small debates and discussions with other people. We, Sodium, know that he shouldn’t be placed in the same group as Mark Manalo in order to avoid another World War. Another thing I’ve noticed about him is that he is interested in politics and is one of the few people who are really up to date in terms of what’s happening in the government. Whenever he is in that mode, I tend to feel inferior. I was never the political type to begin with.

Jelor is notorious for lots of sexual talks and topics. This is the reason why the title of this entry of mine is such. He requested to do this post on the 23rd because of well.. *points to the title* Talking about these things with him tend to get awkward at some point, but sometimes you learn something “informative” from them. Whether the informative thing is gossip or actual lessons, I wonder. I usually tick him off by calling him Jelorism or JGalism, all inspired from a game during Health.


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