Define MIA

MIA is a shortcut for the phrase Missing in Action. By being missing in action, one is unaware of the on-goings of a certain event or in some cases noticeable when one doesn’t appear at an event.

The most notable person to be MIA in my life would be a person named Bianca Diokno also known as the following:

  • my best friend
  • silver/gray color lover
  • addicted to Vampire Diaries
  • too random to handle sanely
  • keychain and plushies collector

One thing to be noted when handling this person is that she can get pretty random. Topics can be anything under the sun as long as she’s into the topic. At the start you may be talking about school work, but as a chat with her progresses, it will move into other things and a probable example would QWOP.

Though we are technically MIA in each other’s lives, we still make it a habit to know what’s up on one side. Even if it’s just a small chat on Y!m or a post on tumblr that shows our thoughts, we always take it into mind. The most probable reason why we’re MIA in each other’s life is because she’s always with her section, Potassium. I’m not saying it’s a bad thing since I’m kind of hopping through different places from time to time. The only time we would see each other is Food Science period since we’re seatmates, so we basically see each other 3x a week. xD

I perceive Bianca as someone who is born to be a follower, but only when needed can step up to be a leader. She also has her own opinions, but doesn’t have the guts to share it with others except for those close to her. She’s someone I really trust and she seems to know what she’s doing most of the time. I love her as a friend dearly because she’s awesome like that. :))


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