A Continued Study of “The Leona Files”

What is “The Leona Files?”

The Leona Files is post I made around the middle of the first semester of my second year. At that time, it was posted in my multiply, which is really inactive right now. The Leona Files contains how Leona was at the middle of first semester and how I have observed her. In this includes ways on how to scar her, what she believes in and facts about her life in second year. Believe it or not, she did comment in this post of mine.

So what is this continued study for?

Leona went through some changes during second year and also third year since I am classmates with her once again. These changes were noted and a comparison will be done in this post. The continued study will probably be the last segment of “The Leona Files” due to it just comparing how Leona is before and after.

Where can I read the first version?

It’s on my multiply. Click here. 🙂

It’s been around a year and a half since I did that post. I believe that this is a good time to bring it up and do a comparison due to numerous changes that may happen in a span of a year and a half. You will notice that certain parts will not be added to this post. For those purposes, I really don’t know what Leona thinks of it now due to probably lack of conversing with her or I just forget to bring something like that up in a casual manner.

    1. Remember, Leona may be green, but she is innocent.

At the start of second year, this has been proven to be a fact, but over the time, Leona started getting the idea of how things work. Her innocence was slowly stripped off due to her encounters with Dahlia, Sam Fadrigalan and probably Ima Ocon since they are roommates if I remember correctly. Yet, behind all these occurrences, she has still managed to retain an innocent looking image with the new found information she has. Her mind may not be as clean as it used to be, but one thing is for sure, she rarely shows it out in public… except when Jia is around and certain topics are brought to life.

    1. Do NOT put Jia and Leona in the same room together only.

In Dahlia, the sole reason of Leona being stained is because of Jia Peña, though for Chesie, she thinks it’s Sam rather than Jia. Jia tends to use variety topics in discussions that range from topics that can be used during any group discussion to the absurd. In 2nd year, most of her questions bordered or entered the absurd. Leona, not knowing much about these absurdities, was scarred with the information until it had sinked in to her, which happened in x number of days.

Currently, it is still advisable to not put Jia and Leona in the same room, but they can be put in the same room with not much damage done to either of them. Jia and Leona can actually have decent conversations nowadays with some bordering the idea of insane wherein insane is totally random. These random topics are actually topics that are rarely talked about. For example, shiny spoons was one of their conversational topics.

    1. Leona loves the Drama

Have I ever told you the drama that happens in II-Dahlia every single day? The story is as goes– Leona and Angel were meant to be and were tied together by a red string of fate. Their love was supposed to last forever and never falter, but that was until Sam got into the picture. Sam was looking for companionship and comfort; she found that in Angel. When Sam found out about Angel having a special someone, she didn’t back down from the challenge and still clung on to Angel. This is how the “telenovela” of II-Dahlia goes.

Nowadays, the whole drama is toned down especially in III-Sodium wherein there is no such thing as drama. For in Sodium, you are either the seducer or the seduced and it is normal to have more than one prey or attackers. There is no drama; it is all seduction. So in a way, the drama did tone down. If there is a case wherein Leona would attract drama, it’d be anything that has to deal with Kate because for Leona, Kate is forever hers.

This is the end of the continued study of “The Leona Files”. There has been quite some development in terms of Leona’s personality and traits, but one thing is for sure, she’s still lovable as she is. I’ll probably stop monitoring her now like a test subject since the chances of us being classmates again are highly unlikely.


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