To Sodium with Love

Four Chemistry teachers, Three advisers, Two treasurers, One Family.

This is Sodium, my one and only 3rd year High School section.

If I were to describe my first impression of Sodium in terms of student composition, I thought, “Wow, this is one random section.” It was like after 7 groups consisting of 30 students were created, the last group consisted of leftovers from each 2nd year section and were thrown into one group. This is how I thought of Sodium at the start and frankly I still do, but who would’ve thought a section filled with the most random and low-key people would actually work. It was like, due to being slightly low-key or low-key in 2nd year, we were placed in one section. In my opinion, it was like a blessing to us by the Almighty being because it let lots of us grow…

Because in truth, some of the people of Sodium, I never actually new before. I have a knack for knowing peoples’ names due to eavesdropping on conversations or just through pure listening to a group of friends who are talking about someone I don’t really know. The people in Sodium, most of them I’ve only heard their names once of twice and even some I didn’t even know at all, but that’s probably the reason why I loved Sodium even more. The fact it was a section comprising of low-key people (except for a few) made us appreciate one another’s existence. It made us appreciate the talents that we have and let other people be known.

A school year consists of 4 quarters filled with important weeks like Humanities and YMSAT and those normal days like Wednesdays, which is our stressful day and Thursday, our lax day. What I love about Sodium is that we’re able to get through these days with a smile or at least, in theory. We try to let each other feel better, but at times, this leads us to neglect others, but we’ve always taken note of each other’s weaknesses and strengths.

I remember Humanities week was sort of bothersome for us. Why, with a Filipino DIKUM performance that wasn’t even graded, we ended up being too lax. Too lax to the point everything was unorganized from singing to choreography, but we always kept on saying, “as long as we have fun,” which is what basically happened in the end. We were part of the bottom group in the rankings, but we gave an amusing performance. The laughters of amusement from the audience kept us going with a smile on our faces.

If there was really one memorable event for me that was school requirement related, it’d be Ramayana. I remember that this was another requirement wherein we were seriously lax at the start to the point we kept on pushing the due dates forward. We had one of the “unique” concepts on how to portray the story, Ramayana, in the batch. I’m really thankful that you guys cooperated in this endeavor and that we gave our all in the final presentation. The final presentation- presented on October 21, my birthday. I don’t know whether it is vain of me to think that you guys attempted to do your best because you thought of it as a birthday gift for me. Whether that is the case or not, I’m really thankful because it still ended successfully. Even sir Montemayor thought it was better than he expected. Being lax about things does have its benefits. :))

If there is another thing we should be proud of, it’s having 4 different Chemistry teachers in one school year and surviving their different teaching styles. We all know how different each of our Chemistry teachers are in terms of how they teach. Sir De Ocampo had his simple and amusing lectures and when we shifted to Sir Tan, we had some difficulty in adjusting. Some of us didn’t get a thing, others may have, but we helped each other along that 3rd quarter. At the time that we had gotten used to Sir Tan, BLAM! Sir Paz came into the picture for just one week. As the 4th quarter came around, we were introduced to Sir Mendoza, the Chemistry departments newbie who we could consider as a workaholic, but this was to our advantage. Sir Mendoza knew how to keep the lessons simple and most of us were able to comprehend it, but that’s probably because he had a lesson plan right from the start. He was even labeled a “moe” by a few Sodium people. *coughs*JaninaAdlemi *coughs*

Our family is quite big in truth. Rather than having just one parent, we had three in one school year. Each had their perks, but we love all of them equally. Sodium really has a knack for treasuring their advisers. When we heard Sir De Ocampo had to part with us, we felt sadness, but we made it a habit to contact him once in a while. We were even surprised when he was able to stay longer in the country because he was able to watch our play. Ma’am Dawn also had her share of Sodium’s energy, especially in the 3rd quarter when she became our temporary adviser. Even when she was no longer our adviser, we always kept her up-to-date with the Sodium happenings and events. Finally, we have the very moe Sir Mendoza. It’s sad that we weren’t able to get to know him that much because of all those career talks, but we all knew he was very approachable. I think he was intentionally making our Chemistry periods shorter so that people could talk to him about stuff. πŸ˜€

I’m really grateful to have ended up in Sodium for 3rd year. Sodium 2012 is always filled with energy & happiness and that’s what I think helps us keep moving forward as a section. I really hope we don’t lose our bonds when reach 4th year. Sure, we don’t have that really deep connection wherein each one of us know another’s problems, but why worry about problems when you can have fun?

That is Sodium.

Using fun as a happiness pill since the start of the school year.



  1. Yay, I finished reading this post! I think i liked it too much i wanna read it again O:

    Not to mention, we were that close to having Sir Jogon as our hr adviser too because it was him and Ma’am dawn who were the only ones available XD

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