Behind the Name

It may wonder a few of you readers how the url of this wordpress came to be— elechimezzoflation. The word is unheard off, which is 100% true, but it brings together the elements of what I like. To make it easier, let’s break it down into the three parts: elec, chi & mezzoflation.


I simply adore the anime series, [C]. While it does have some plot holes, it was an exquisite series in my opinion and one of those I see myself rewatching. Initially, I picked macroflation as the end since I like the macroflations of Msyu and Q, which are Overheated Economy and Economic Blockade (order of macroflation is respective to name arrangement). When I brought up the word mezzoflation while discussing with a friend my new url, he said that mezzo sounded better than macro just because the former had two z’s. Due to the added opinion, I decided to use mezzoflation instead with the added reasoning that I barely use the ‘z’ on my keyboard.

It is also to be noted that when I decided to move blogs, I was studying for an Economics long test while looking through the [C] tag on tumblr. Put a economics requirement and an economics anime in one mix and boo! You get an economic-like mind and in result, url.

photo source

Today, I encountered news about Avatar: Legend of Korra. It made me squeal in delight and excite me for the new series. It talked about a new setting and plot. The antagonists of the new series are called equalists who denounce the art of elemental bending. These equalists use the art of blocking chi in order to stop elemental bending, which brings me to the middle part of the url— chi.

One of my favorite characters in Avatar the Last Airbender was Ty Lee, who basically does the art of the equalists. I like the concept on how certain pressure points can make or break the flow of chi in a person’s body. A simple touch makes a person vulnerable if you hit just the right spot. It’s an exquisite skill that I’d simply want to learn and have. I think it’s visible that I’m excited for Avatar: Legend of Korra.

Elec (from the word electricity)
photo source

The girl in the picture above is Pao-lin Huang from Tiger and Bunny. Her NEXT is basically controlling electricity. In the same picture, she’s doing the signature pose of Misaka Mikoto fro To Aru Kagaku no Railgun who also has the power to control electricity.

In short, I have an affinity to like characters that have electricity or lightning as their powers. I guess the personalities of most girl characters that wield electricity or lightning is to be dominant or tomboyish. While the usual scenario of tomboyish girl trying to become girly is an overused plot, it’s one of those plots I never get tired off especially if it involves an electricity/lightning wielding character.


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