That’s a lot of Arpeggios

Scarlet Ballet piano cover by Animenzzz

Scarlet Ballet is the opening song for the series Hidan no Aria. In truth, the opening was weak for the said series. The series focuses on an action and harem plot, which the actual opening is unable to express fully (or at least in my opinion). Yet straying away from how weak the actual opening is, the piano covers says otherwise due to the numerous arpeggios that span the whole piano.

When I first heard the cover, it was just a midi file. The song sounded cute, but when I found the actual video, I was blown away. There were a lot of arpeggios in the song and the speed of the playing was fast. It was amazing to watch and it made me want to attempt to play it. Of course, I removed this idea quickly from my mind because of the speed and arpeggios. I was never good with arpeggios. Chords over arpeggios any day for me.


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