Opening My Day: Paradicholorobenzene x Antichlorobenzene

Paradicholorobenzene x Antichlorobenzene – Kagamine Twins

This song is actually a mash- up between two songs. The melody is the same for both, but the lyrics are different as one talks about succumbing to the evils within this world (Len’s version) while the other is talking about acknowledging its existence but not giving in to the said evils (Rin’s version). By succumbing to the evils of the world, one becomes more a beast and farther away from a man.

The two songs are hypnotizing in the melody as one is easily caught into the melodic wed quickly. I prefer Rin’s version more as compared to Len’s, but putting them together is more awesome. Succumbing to the evils? Becoming more of a beast than man? Sounds just like the stories in Mythology to me. That reminds me that I have to start preparing, the test is in an hour. o.o


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