Institute of Mathematics. 6:30am. August 7, Sunday. UPCAT.

The last minute jitters are worrying me, but I think each one of us had to deal with them on our respective UPCAT dates. I actually don’t know what to feel at this moment, but I seriously want to hug my pillow again. I was never a morning person.

Last minute good lucks were given to me the night before. It was a really nice feeling when people worry about you— even people you didn’t suspect would. Those people who told me to chillax and not to worry last night: Paul V., Dave, Miel, Jia and Kalle. Thanks. 🙂

It would’ve been nice if he also said a good luck of checked up on me, but I can’t have everything in the world— like domination. Just kidding, but I was serious on the check up thing though. Such a sad fate I hold. But I can still keep going knowing that people trust in your skills to do well— even excel in a way (PaulVocal, DaveRamos. OblationScholar).

Finally, I entrust to the Almighty to be there to help me recall the concepts I’ve learned over the past 3 years I was in Pisay and to guide me when answering the questions. 🙂


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