UPCAT Playlist

Playlist Link.

What is the UPCAT Playlist?

It’s basically the songs I listen to before the test in order to zone out any jitters or worries. It’s basically to keep my zone intact and to push away things that can psyche me out. This playlist has 13 songs in total. I am positive that I won’t be using this playlist for the ACET as my preference of music to listen to for zoning out might change.

What are the songs?

  1. Fuss Fuzz (Highschool of the Dead ending song)
  2. Aoi Haru (Seitokai Yakuindomo ending song)
  3. Morning Arch (A Channel opening song)
  4. Suteki na Shiawase (Kyou Kara Maou ending song)
  5. P3 Fes (Persona 3 Fes opening song)
  6. Doubt and Trust (DGM opening song)
  7. Dive to World (KHR opening song)
  8. Orion wo Nazoru (Tiger and Bunny opening song)
  9. Crawl (Nabari no Ou opening song)
  10. Ryuusei Boy (Inazuma Eleven ending song)
  11. Brightdown (DGM opening song)
  12. Dream of Butterfly (Persona opening song)
  13. Run With Wolves (Angel Beats! insert song)

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