Who should I hate, the past or maybe myself?

Missing Link – NOVELS
from the anime Tiger & Bunny
video link of TV size

The torn page was taken away from me,
because I can’t recall where I dropped it.
On it, and I’m sure of that,
was a chapter called dream.

Who should I hate, the past or maybe myself?
If I could, I’d blame someone else.

We of this story think about the future,
because even after we lose it,
the main character won’t change.
We don’t want praise,
as long as we’re certain to have today,
we can create as many chapters
called dream as we want to.

English Lyrics are translations of some parts of the song, not the complete song since it’s the opening song of T&B. The melody is both up-beat and depressing as it varies per part. This is the song currently on repeat on my iTouch because I just downloaded it and I’m in a depressed mood while hoping it’d lighten up soon.


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