Set 1 of Lakbay Aral

eh puro duwag naman pala tayo di to eh. DUWAG (‘di wag) na lang tayo lumabas dito.

(Paulo Pulanco, 2011)

Since I was a cadet officer, I had to stay in school for the whole day. The afternoon was uneventful, but the morning session was interesting— especially if you crashed the Adelfa room. Paulo and Leif were an amazing duo in terms of teaching their students. They made the class lively and the kids smiled every moment because of their amusing jokes (in reference to the quote above). The kids in the room were lively and staying there was load of fun. While Leif wanted to teach Math to the kids, he couldn’t so during breaks, he would show different math tricks. The Leif and Paulo combination was interesting and it actually worked. Let’s not forget that Joshua Castro also helped them in maintaining the liveliness. Staying in their room was better than roaming around.

What I found amazing in the end is how much the kids liked them. Leif told me that the kids wanted them to be their teachers for Math because their next teacher might be boring. I think the best compliment you could receive from those students are those that appreciate how you’ve taught them and the fact that they understood what you taught.


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