Iliad: Book 14 – Hera’s Seduction

Photos courtesy of Sir Da

My mindset towards my 4th year section, Electron, is mixed. I don’t have anyone I’m really close to in that exception except for Reina. But this one English requirement known as Reader’s Theater made me appreciate my section a little more.

JR is a fantastic director— quite sure better than me. He knows what he wants and knows how to convey it properly. Without him, I don’t think our Reader’s Theater would be this awesome. Our cast went through so many changes. In the initial stages, we didn’t have a set Zeus as the role jumped from JR and Kalle. After the persuasion skills of JR, Bryan ended up getting the part for he was able to act drunk and charming. At that time, Abby was still Hera and she was until two days before the presentation. Getting hyperacidity two days before the play forfeited her chances of becoming Hera, so I ended up getting the role. You can call it epic cramming on my part as I never acted a major role since grade 7. In the end, even with the uncountable cast changes, the production was a success. Bryan took a video, but it only lasted until scene 2. It’ll suffice to post about it once he posts it (or if he ever plans to).

I’ve never been in close proximity with a guy just for a play. Coming from an all-girl grade school, I never dealt with such. I was out of my zone when I acted with a guy on stage. From the hand brushing your shoulder to the pulling in from the waist, they were all new to me. I still think it would’ve been better if Abby had the part.

All the voices were in unison and the actions too. A few mishaps occurred here and there, but they were all overshadowed by the unison and tone of the chorus. The chorus had rhyming lines and their spacings were all perfect. The chorus did an awesome job. It’s sad though— while our presentation was exquisite (well in my opinion), only two sections and a couple of teachers were able to see it. Everyone else was preparing for their Reader’s Theater, which was on the next day. I could say it is their loss, but who knows.


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