Why does this blog lack anime posts?

This blog was supposed to be more anime-centered rather than filled with inferior posts about how my emotions are messed up. My emotions have been rampant these days and there hasn’t been a single opening your day post these past days. Did my life become unexplainably negative? Meh. I’ll figure out why some point. Then again sweeping the idea of figuring out the reason under the rug sounds better and more like the lazy me.

So why does this blog lack anime posts when I’m supposedly obsessed with anime? There are a shit load of reasons, but I think 3-5 reasons would suffice for now. Why is there no exact number? Because I’m an indecisive person— deal with it.

  1. I have been bitchy and temperamental these past days. I just am and it is unexplainable. Like I said, figuring out the reason is a headache to do, so leaving it alone as it is sounds like a better choice. Let us also add that when I am temperamental I get angry easily and for short periods of time. Effin emotions.
  2. I have horrible train of thought. I have things I want to talk about, but I can never seem to flesh them out properly. Why? While I have insta-awesome thoughts about a topic, the thoughts are connected together horribly. A post with my horrible train connections is not worth posting. I also lack the patience to connect the thoughts properly. Why waste time on that when I can watch anime?
  3. I am one of the lazy people in this world. If I don’t feel like writing it, I won’t write about it and it’ll be left untouched until I feel the bunnies tugging my brain cells to do them. I love me bunnies— always get my mind going.
  4. I don’t want to write anime reviews here. I don’t want this place to an episodic blog space. Sure, I could probably write how awesome or fail a series is, but not in episodic form. Plus, I already have Population GO for that. The link to Population GO is at the side bar of this site. My username there is cieru- and you’ll see how non-amusing my posts are.
Oh. It looks like I took the middle ground— four. I think that sums up the main reasons why this hasn’t turned into an anime site just yet. If I quit Population GO, this might turn into one. Don’t see that happening as of the moment though.

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