California Maki

a post dedicated to Dave Ramos

Sushi is one of the unique foods in Japanese cuisine because it combines raw fish, vegetables, fruits & other foods in order to create a colorful array of styles. California Maki is a kind of sushi that mainly consists of kani (crabstick) and mango in the inside. The rice is covered with roe. These three foods are the main items (along with the rice and nori) that define a California Maki. I, personally, like it when there’s lettuce with it or thinly sliced strips of cucumber.

California Maki is a personal favorite of mine for it was the first sushi I was introduced to. It has always remained a sushi closed to my heart. But since it’s introduction to me, I have disliked the fact that it has mango— until now. A component that greatly defines a food is the main thing I dislike. I find it an amusing concept in all truth. I like the colors that California Maki emancipate, but I don’t like the taste it has as a whole. I always find myself picking out the mangoes from the sushi. While doing so satisfies my likings, it doesn’t do justice to the said food in the end because you’re not liking it for what it truly is.

It’s like relationships. At first glance, you like a person because of what you see and the small positive things you find out about them. You think things couldn’t get bad because that person showed his good side. You get close to the person and you see attributes that make you like the person more. Ultimately, you can’t find a negative thing about them, so you get yourself into this mess known as infatuation. Hell, infatuation can be mistaken as love at times, but if you really like a person despite his or her faults, then that goes beyond infatuation.

Sadly, like my perception towards California Maki, I appreciated what he had at first glance— the color. Not the color like skin tone, but the loud presence he had and the smile he always brought up. He never failed to make a person smile. I got to know him more and things couldn’t get any better. He, unknowing to himself, had some gentleman traits that could’ve been honed and placed to better use. He had an ability to attract people and connect with them right away. Things were getting better and I found myself in a relationship, but that’s when the mango appears. He was clueless about the concept of being in a relationship. At first, I thought I could deal with it. But as the weeks and then months passed, I couldn’t take it anymore. I liked him for the positive things he had and accepted all his other faults, but I could never adjust to his cluelessness. It’s a sad story and a sad ending. In the end, everything simply disintegrated.

California Maki is a food I treasure. It introduced me to the cuisine known as sushi and I’m grateful for that. My favorite sushi nowadays are Crunchy Kani Roll, Crunchy Tuna Roll and Dynamite Roll. Get me one for my birthday and I’ll be grateful (or if my hair is still long, hair clips or pantali would be nice).


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