Status-based Busy-ness

It’s common among my friends to discern whether or not I’m busy on Yahoo Messenger. Yes, I’m still one of those people who uses Yahoo Messenger as a means for online chatting. The way I use my status gives away how busy I am and this is what this post will be talking about. This is for the friends who are worried that they might bother me and in the end, they neglect requirements that need my help all because of one retarded sign known as the red-button with a white dash busy sign.

Available with no requirements.

This is basically a call saying I am bored and anyone is free to bother me with any topic under the sun. It’s an invitation for a conversation that will amuse me.

Available with requirements.

This is me basically screaming, “OH LOOK I HAVE REQUIREMENTS” and “I DON’T WANT TO DO THEM,” which is followed with the imaginary throwing of papers into the air. In short, I want to be lazy and procrastinate through means of people bothering me. I know I am not supposed to procrastinate, but there are some assignments that I really do not want to do.

Busy with no requirements.

I am probably writing about something or doing something unrelated to school. I can still be bothered, but my replies in conversations may sound monotonous as my attention is concentrated into an activity that I am wasting my time doing (like writing horrible stories or reading fanfics).

Busy with requirements

I can still be bothered if it’s related to school matters or if it’s to comment about the usual secondary stat that comes with it or you’re Darren “smart yet idiot” Judi. An example would be if you need my help in doing an ABSTRACT REASONING MODULE because that’s kind of school-related. Don’t hesitate to drop a message as you might actually be helping me in the process.


I am invisible therefore I do not want to be seen. That means I prefer not to be bothered with anything even if it’s school-related. I usually start the bothering, but it cannot happen the other way around, thus the invisible-ness. You may check if I am invisible if you’re desperate to talk to me ’cause you love me and all OR you’re effin’ Darren Judi.


How to check if AIlia is actually offline: leave a message and if she doesn’t reply in at most 30 minutes, then you may assume she is offline.

(or she went to the kitchen and spent an hour there just to eat).

Why would Ailia be offline? Half of the time it is because she is lazy to go online or she is asleep. Half of the time, it is the latter and 1/4 of the time, it’s the former. What about the remaining 1/4? She’s either out of the house or she’s actually gaming for once. In short, Ailia being offline means that she isn’t even doing assignments or studying.

This is the end of this informative yet not-so informative way of determining how busy Ailia is through her status on Yahoo Messenger. Of course, this is only how to base how busy she is, but not exactly how she is feeling at that moment. The mechanics on why Ailia is online and how she is feeling is too complicated to be written down (and ultimately, stalker of you to find out). Personal safety and intellectual property are important to Ailia therefore there will be no follow-up post on why some Ailia’s status are such.


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