‘Pokemon’ Battle between Chemistry Long Test and Anime commences!

Chemistry uses Facebook. It’s super effective!

Ailia finds Ludho’s wall post about Acids and Bases and why B(OH)3 is not an Arrhenius acid. A teacher of hers gives him a link to her old site, which shows why it cannot be an Arrhenius Acid. Ailia checks the site, finds a handout and reads the handout.

Anime uses Google Reader. It’s not effective.

Ailia opens google reader to check on new posts. Nothing new except for an update about the Saimoe league, which Ailia leaves open once she finishes studying.

Chemistry uses handout. It’s effective.

Ailia reread the contents of the handout and gains more understanding on acids and bases.

Anime uses Youtube video. It’s super effective.

Ailia runs into a video on the moetron site showcasing why pKjd was voting for Kanako Kurusu. Ailia watches it and is now obsessed with the said character. She decides to do a wordpress post because she’s now lazy to study for Chemistry.

Anime has managed to beat Chemistry with a Youtube video showcasing Kanako cosplaying Meruru. It is an insanely cute video that Ailia couldn’t resist watching it.


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