When the Star Shines

It’s one of those games you play at parties or at special occasions. The judge gives a word and the group must give a song that has a lyric with that word. If the group is unable to give a song in 5 seconds, they forfeit their turn.

It was meant to be a filler activity for being 2 meetings ahead than most sections, but her teacher needed to add a quiz bonus into the mix. It wasn’t supposed to be a fun and eventful thing for her, but she couldn’t help but try when she found herself in the same group as him. She tried her best working through her brain’s song bank, but the only song lyrics in it were Disney and songs she had gotten LSS-ed to before. It wasn’t that much help, but her minimal song lyric bank, his wide array of knowledge for songs and their groups linked thoughts, those got them to survive the rounds except for 2 times wherein their group had a slip up.

He wasn’t good at singing that she had found out, so whenever he tried to sing the song she couldn’t help, but laugh inside. She wasn’t a good singer either, but she had some melody and tune to her singing. Unknowingly, she found herself enjoying the game especially with their streak of correct lyrics. She found herself smiling in his company and being energetic. That wasn’t the only time she found herself showing the side of her that made her smile.

A simple conversation about the Skechers Dance Battle and how to incorporate it into a choreography got them to click at the sidelines of practice. She found herself rambling about dancing and the possible choreography to make the dance they had to present a bit better. He would feed her with his thoughts on what to add and she’d get numerous lightbulb moments. She found themselves clicking, but that’s probably ’cause the topic being shared was something they had a commonality with.

She found herself smiling in his company and being herself. It was an atmosphere she couldn’t show in her section. She was an outcast in her section with no one to relate to. She was always down and in serious mode because that was her way of retreating into a shell. Yet, here was one guy that managed to make her smile during her stay in that section. It wasn’t only him for there were a few girls— simply countable in one hand. It’s just that this guy managed to make her open up and be herself unknowingly. He was one sly person.


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