In the end, she couldn’t give him the happiness he wanted.

She took a gamble by taking a look at those messages. Curiosity overwhelmed her with that certain name, but in the end, curiosity should never have taken over. A quick stab suddenly led her to a confused state. She took a deep breath and sighed heavily. It looked like her plans were about to change.

She found it frustrating that there was something deeper going on between the two parties. The girl had hurt him not once, but twice. She had hoped that she’ll never have to see him go through that pain again that’s why after the second mess, she dedicated her time to making sure he’d move on— to make sure he’ll be back on his feet. She did all that until the girl’s name wasn’t mentioned in any conversation— when he started to smile a little more than the time after the mess.

Yet this was all in vain. The scenario that unfolded in front of her eyes frustrated her. He was going to get himself hurt again— by the same girl. She wanted to punch a tree, to scream and ultimately, to cry in frustration. She rarely cried because of sadness, but due to frustration. She had done so once again. All she had done to make sure he’d smile and be back on his feet— the possibility of going down the drain was completely high. Maybe what she had done wasn’t enough to make him move— to make him take a new direction.

In the end, she couldn’t give him the happiness he wanted.


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