Rock It Out!

Hacking to the Gate band cover by moogcockbook

I check my youtube account for any new uploads from the channels I subscribe to. I see a video by moogcockbook. This group does band covers for different anime openings and they’re really skilled at doing it. I found their channel through looking for the song ‘God Knows’. I was blown away from that one video and I decided to subscribe to them. This happened a year ago.

Here is their version of the opening of Steins;Gate— Hacking to the Gate. The actual song is sung by Itou Kanako and it’s high pitch— to the point it hurts the ears from listening to it too much. What I love about the version of moogcockbook is that the the pitch of the singers voice doesn’t hurt the ears and no voice synthesizers were used. The group has an incredible talent of turning songs that don’t normally use a band formation into something playable by a band.

(S.N.: Just arrived home from Pangasinan today.)


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