Digging up that past Letter

In my state of unstable emotions, a friend reminded me about Paul Diaz. Paul Diaz was one of those people who inspired me while I was in third year. This friend reminded me about a message Paul Diaz sent me during the summer before 4th year. It was all about what to expect from 4th year. I facepalmed as I remembered telling myself to look back at it whenever I felt down. So I have dug it from my past posts in my old blog.

Dear Thea.:)

Grabe summer sickness mo pare ah.:)) Miss mo na kami agad. This is your long (ish.:P) message Thea [or can I call Ailiaa? Sounds cool.:))]

All I can say to you, Ailia, is good luck. No part of fourth year won’t be easy. Every freakin’ part of it would be difficult. But it’s the kind of difficult that rewards itself gratuitously in the end. As in. Umaapaw. So hold on and hold tight.

STR2 is not your main enemy. It’s a actually a retreat from all the stress of the lessons you would only barely understand. Seriously every bit of info you would acquire will form a huge solid block of knowlede that would confuse every part of you until you’re already differentiating acids and decanting formulas and solving essays and other weird what-nots. But these weird what-nots are also not your number one enemy.

Your number one enemy is indifference. Do not think for once that this year is just another year you should just wing simply because it’s the last. This year is THE year you’ve been waiting for all your life. THis year will quench your thirst to prove yourself if you step up to its challenges. So please do well. No. Do excellently.

Do not be shy. Do not hold back. Say what you have to say and do what you have to do. Make friends. Lessen your enemies. Fix your mistakes because maybe, just maybe, this is your one last shot to make things right with the people with whom you’ve spent the best four years of your life with.:)

Basically, Ailia, it’s the last. It’s like, you’re eating this really juicy cheeseburger. And this is your last bite. So make every bit count. Chew thoroughly, enjoy the flavors and swallow completely and with no regret.;)

‘Til then Ailia! See you on the other side, where the victors who made it through our great alma matter gather to celebrate and continue the search for the untarnished truth.:) Good luck! Good bye.>:D<

Hey Paul Diaz. How are you doing? I know you might not be able to read this, but your message has inspired me once again to get out of the wretched hell hole I found myself digging into. Your message will never fail to inspire me.


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