The Quarter Long Experiment

In an attempt to get my life straightened out after seeing my horrible general weighted average (GWA), I will be implementing what I would deem a quarter long experiment. First quarter wasn’t the best and I’m hoping I can change that by a lot this quarter through different means.

  1. Nuking Plurk and Facebook. Hey, I realized I’ve spent too much time checking what happens in Facebook because of announcements and stuff. As for Plurk, I tend to go there due to boredom or laziness not to do assignments. With that, the two sites are nuked for 4.5 hours starting 6pm every weekdays. I should do that to Youtube also, but I’m not sure whether or not I should because some school-related-ish videos are on youtube. o.o
  2. Go to Tumblr just for Population GO. Tumblr is an addicting site, but I can’t just nuke it like Plurk and Facebook because my work involves Tumblr. Population GO is tied with the Tumblr system, so by nuking Tumblr, I can’t work— which is bad. So, I’m currently practicing self-control for the whole thing.
  3. Avoiding Going Online on Y!M. Yahoo Messenger can be a distraction for me a lot of times especially with the urge to talk to people or bother them to a certain degree. It is an unhealthy habit, which I must remove, so I’m going online sparingly now.
  4. Anime & School Work Multitasking. I can’t do Population GO work without watching anime, which can be a distraction. My game plan for that is while the video is loading, I stay away from the laptop and do any assignment that doesn’t need the computer. I’m just hoping it actually works.
  5. Attempt to Start Assignments on a Saturday. I’ll probably procrastinate and what-not, but I sure hope that I do this even though it sounds unlike me.
  6. Lessen WordPress Usage. WordPress is basically the outlet of all my laziness whenever the substitute sites are down. Sadly, I can’t seem to just nuke WordPress because it keeps me sane until some level and well, I just can’t. It’s as though WordPress is my new Tumblr.
The negative thing about this whole experiment is that I’m cutting communication with friends, classmates and kinda the world for a full quarter. It’s a challenge, but I do hope my grades get better by doing so. If ever you need to me to go online, send me a text on my cellular phone or call my house just to tell me. Preferably, do the latter because I tend to ignore my phone by a lot.

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