Title: Mistiming
Type: One-shot, drabble
Story Summary: So maybe he shouldn’t have pulled her aside just for a simple gesture— it does have its own consequences in the end.
Disclaimer: Requested by Darren. I had difficulty writing this because it was random with no exact plot.

Ailia had run off to Jin the moment Saori had caught Ailia and Train snickering. It wasn’t her fault for being absent-minded and motherly towards Yoshii— it was innate in her. It was an instinct that she couldn’t get herself out off much to her dismay. She sighed and looked at Yoshii who was walking away with a PSP in his hands.

“Aren’t you going to run after her?” Saori inquired the clueless Yoshii.

“I don’t know.” Yoshii hurriedly walked away. He didn’t want to deal with the inquiring of Saori— much more early in the morning.

Saori sighed at the hopelessness of Yoshii towards his own relationship. She understood where he was coming from, but it looked like Ailia had gotten tired of also trying. She had a horrible feeling it was going end soon, but it was probably best for both sides. She felt an arm circle her waist and looked at Train who had a smile on his face.

“Aren’t you worried about Yoshii and Ailia?”

“Why? Ailia always thinks of something.” Train chuckled. “Besides, she goes to me just to share her plan and ask whether it’s idiotic or not. So far, I have received no idiotic plans.”

Saori sighed as the two of them headed for the high school building. As they were about to go up the stairway, she felt Train pull her to the side— specifically under the stairway. She was about to utter an indecent word when she felt Train’s lips on hers.

Train couldn’t help but pull Saori aside for a kiss. She sounded stressed out with the situation. Partner that with hormones and you get uncontrollable guy urges that have some logical reasoning behind it all. Yet having urges shouldn’t override tact. Train knew he was kissing Saori in a public place. He knew the consequences for such actions. He suddenly felt those lips pull away. He looked at his girl— the girl conveniently confused. He realized what he had done made her uncomfortable. He looked away from her— feeling disgusted.

But when her fingers touched his face, he couldn’t help but melt into the feeling. It was like she was trying to assure him that it was okay through a simple gesture. It did make him relax just a bit and he looked at her once again. His eyes glowed with want and Saori knew it, but she wouldn’t give in— Train was that positive. He touched the hand on his cheek and placed it in his own. He gave her one last kiss on the cheek before whisking away to class.

Of course, it doesn’t end well for Train. As he turned around, he saw Ailia giving him a raised eyebrow. Great, he was caught by his best friend. As he tried to explain the small but sweet gesture he did, he earned a punch right at his left arm. He mumbled in pain as Ailia walked off. He made a mental note not to let an officer catch him. If things couldn’t get any worse, Saori gave him a slap at the cheek because they got caught. Such a chain reaction, but her hand’s contact to his cheeks sent him to heaven.

Oh god. He must be a masochist.



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