Mawaru Penguindrum 10

Dear Kanba,

Your sister-complex is showing to the point it’s hinting the incest love you feel towards her. Aren’t you just a fake player who is head over heels in love with his sister? Okay. Thanks.

With Love, Ailia.

Let’s take a trip to the random time and space shift where Kanba is dragged to because Shouma was kidnapped and because Ringo will be left alone in her unstable mental state. Wait, Shouma was kidnapped?! Woah. Wait a second. Let’s take a few steps back and talk about the inner and outer struggle Shouma had to go through— which in turn affects our ex-psychotic lovable girl, Ringo.

Shouma gets hit by a truck but only suffers bruises and bumps. Talk about lucky and hypothetically impossible. Hello, we’re talking about a truck here. You can’t go over trucks when they hit you— you FLY and BREAK BONES in the process. The hospital scene that showed Shouma’s unbroken bones state was filled with LOL because Shouma’s bones weren’t broken. (Seriously, I thought he’d broken some of it.) While I mentally rant about how implausible that event was, I’ll talk about what made this episode interesting, filled with win and just plain weird— then again, when has Mawaru Penguindrum ever been NOT weird.

It’s blatant that the three siblings love each other to death. Hey, even with Kanba being super tsundere towards Shouma, he still loves his twin brother. Staying awake at the bedside of your not broken-boned brother is a great way of showing how much you love him and making sure that your sister doesn’t tell that said brother is a great way of showing your tsundere side. Of course, like all perfectly-timed coincidences in shows, Shouma wakes up to hear how much Kanba ‘wuvs’ him. With Shouma awake, Himari tells Ringo who is standing outside the door.

Ringo, after two traumatic experiences happening in front of her, is seemingly normal. Take note of seemingly because her state of normalcy might be a one time, big time thing. She is guilty. Why wouldn’t she be if she was the cause of all the hurt Shouma is going through. Shouma being the gentleman he is, puts no fault on Ringo, which makes her smile. Actually, this one episode had a shit load of undertones that were leading towards the concept of Ringo starting to like Shouma. Shouma, I’d worry if I were you, especially if you don’t like psychopath girlfriends.

With our simple backstory done, let’s return to talking about narcissistic and sister-complexed Takakura Kanba. If Shouma had to deal with watching over a stalker, Kanba now deals with the opposite— being watched over by a stalker. To make matters worse, he knows it’s happening, but doesn’t know the identity of the person. Talk about freaky. Of course, this stalker is the one and only Masako who has a penguin named Ismerelda. Such a classy name for a penguin if I must say. Kanba attempts to be the brave and heroic brother by saving Shouma from his death.

In the process, he finds himself dragged into the simple yet mantra world created by Masako. As he goes down the floors of the black and white-stripped interior of the building, he comes across obstacles— which he clearly defined to Himari some time during the same episode. Of course, he retracted those statements after saying them to Himari because he lives to please his ‘kawaii’ sister because of the sister-complex he bears. What are those statements? The three things he doesn’t want to receive from girls— anything worked with love, which will include complex bentos, wedding-like cakes and the ever horrible knitted sweater.

This was all referenced to a relationship he had before, which has been hinted to be Masako. Masako is basically in love with Kanba until the end of time. She could be easily classified as a yandere because she’d be willing to do anything to get Kanba even if it also meant messing his life. Talk about the complexity of love and the lengths people go just because of it. it’s both sickening and amusing.

Tsunderes? Yanderes? Psychopaths? Masochists? Sister-complex? No wonder Mawaru Penguindrum cannot be normal. Its characters have been designed to have mental disorders and crazy ideals. Nevertheless, it has gotten me to continue watching the series to the point that it’s the only series in the Summer season that I’m consistent in watching. Yehey for the insanely weird Mawaru Penguindrum.

She’s staring into your soul. RUN!



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