Skip Beat! ch.180

First of all, I would like to share that I’ve never been a manga person and that I only follow a handful of manga series. While I am perfectly aware that most anime series are from a manga, I lack the attention span to finish a manga series fully.

Now Skip Beat! is one of those exceptions because I’ve been following it even before the mediocre anime appeared. Now don’t get me wrong, the anime had its good points, but the manga expressed the emotions better and the character designs were better. So let’s get to Skip Beat! chapter 180, shall we?

One of the main reasons why I’m still following Skip Beat! is that each chapter leaves you itching for more. Whether it’s itching to see how the dialogue goes or itching to get some juicy information. Whichever it is, chapter 180 fulfills this requirement by leaving us with an emotional cliffhanger a.k.a. ‘what will Ren do now that he finds out he smiles when he’s being a ganster?’.

I like where the manga is heading. While Ren isn’t the main character of the series, I have this gut feeling where this arc is heading to. With Ren being forced to come into terms with his past self (Kuon), he’s surely going to have a break down— which is when superhero Kyouko saves the day! Well that’s how I basically imagine it. Plus when Kyouko finds out that Ren is actually Kuon, the reaction will be priceless— or at least something to look forward to.

Oh yeah. if you wish to recommend to me some manga that I might like, then go ahead. I’ll share which are my favorites though so you know what to suggest: Tenshi Ja Nai, Hana Kimi, Nana, The One, Skip Beat! (well no shit), Naruto and ST&RS. Okay, these are the ones I dedicate myself in following. There are others, but I forgot what chapter or volume I am in them. Simple Laughable.


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