Tiger & Bunny 25 [Final]

The best troll character in T&B goes to Agnes! Did you see how she trolled Maverick and everyone else into thinking her memory wasn’t fixed? That was insanely epic. She stole the limelight for a few minutes with her awesomeness. For once, I thought of her in a better light or maybe the light bulb was changed. Meh, who knows.

While I weep because Tiger & Bunny ended, here are a few screencaps that show how much Kotetsu and Barnaby love each other (especially Barnaby because he’s super tsundere) and those touching moments they had in this episode.

With that out of the way, I shall now talk about how T&B ended in a way that allowed it to have room for a second season and why I’m content with it just having one season even with the potential of having a second season.

Tiger and Bunny ended how I hoped it would be— the stereotypical happy ending where everyone is content with their heroic lives. Of course, that includes the ‘one-minute’ hero, Kaburagi T. Kotetsu. I think he got his happy ending first because Kaede finally called him cool. I’ve heard it even from my parents and other adults with teenagers— all they want is to hear their kids say that their cool or at least praise them. This actually reminds me that I should praise my dad or my mom this week for no apparent reason at all (or maybe just to troll them). Nevertheless, I actually liked how the series ended.

The thing that made Tiger and Bunny a hit even though it wasn’t designed to be was the characterization. You have to admit, but each character had a distinct personality and was allowed to grow during the series. While there are characters like Antonio (Rock Bison) and Nathan (Fire Emblem) who didn’t have their short arc in the series, they were still given room to grow. I’ll talk about how each character was characterized to its fullest another time, but right now, it’s suffice to say that staff of Tiger and Bunny did an excellent job in character portrayal— minus the villains though.

The weak portion of Tiger and Bunny was the villains they showed over the course of the series. First off we have Jake Martinez. In all honesty, he wasn’t that memorable to me and I actually forgot his name. I had to search through the blog ‘This is Sternbild’ just to find out his name. I don’t even have a picture of him stored in my laptop— Kriem will be suffice for now. I don’t know if it paid off though. Jake wasn’t much of a show stealer nor was his sidekick, Kriem. Now they as characters were bland and it was like Sunrise was just forcing the series to have an arc with a notable villain and the Jake-Kriem tandem was born. *sarcastically throws confetti* It was forced in my opinion, but they certainly did a good job in incorporating them to Barnaby’s thoughts— also known as messing with Barnaby. When you find out what you thought is true isn’t, one can turn into an emotionally unstable bitch who PMS quickly, which happened to be Barnaby.

Now the Rotwang and Maverick tandem was just laughable in my opinion. Maverick has been suspicious for me to begin with. I was hoping he’d have a greater scheme in mind that revolved around inside manipulation, but noooo, I don’t get that. I get Maverick being a dick to all the heroes with Rotwang’s help. Seriously? Androids? Couldn’t Maverick thought of a better way to extinguish the heroes? No matter. Watching the laughable duo work together was an amusing sight and so was the last minute turn traitor of Maverick, but hey, he got defeated in the end and that’s all that matters.

So basically I had an awesome time watching Tiger and Bunny from beginning to end. I wasn’t the fan who just became one because of the hype. No. I got into it since the beginning of the series and actually had hopes for it behind the ridiculous title. I’ve now babbled away why I fell in love with Tiger and Bunny to the point I’ve forgotten what I was supposed to talk about. Oh yeah. A second season.

From the trail of clues left behind by the Sunrise team of Tiger and Bunny, there might be a high chance of a second season. When Maverick said that Ouroborus will never be defeated, he sounded 100% sure of it that he actually wiped out his memory intentionally. Now, I would’ve just laughed the idea off because it was already the last episode, but the cash that got wet at the end of the series hinted otherwise. When wet, the Ouroborus logo appears in replacement of the statue at the heart of Sternbild. Add to the fact that the whole Ouroborus case was never solved, so they must be lurking around. While Ouroborus was simply hinted in and out of the series, it left an impression that it was a force to be dealt with. Now I shall speculate what Ouroborus may be IF it isn’t an evil organization. Ouroborus is basically the driving force behind Sternbild and that the officials in office are simply puppets used at their discretion.

Now having a second season would entail a lot of things. The team must be the same in order to receive quality of the same level or a bit higher. Next, what will they do about Kotetsu? Let us not that Kotetsu and Barnaby are the protagonists of the series. With Kotetsu having just one-minute to use his powers, he can’t simply return being a first-rate hero. How will this issue be addressed by the team? Next, second seasons don’t usually live up to their predecessors— maybe Code Geass would be an exception, but I never watched the series so it doesn’t count.  I’m content with Tiger and Bunny just having one season because it ended splendidly. There wasn’t anything wrong with it. Hey! Even the epilogue was done effin’ right. I think that’s about it for my explanation.

Now for random tidbits that I thought of the epilogue. First off, I really wonder if Sunrise is serious about Karina going for Kotetsu. I’m serious. The book she picked up implied such an outcome. I don’t really want an electra-complex-like pairing, but I do agree that Kaede will need a mother figure and I think Karina would be the perfect person for it. I mean a guy, even if effeminate, cannot substitute a girl’s actual instincts. Next, the whole Nathan-Antonio scene at the bar when Nathan was making the moves on Antonio. Now I don’t want to think of them as canon, but Nathan was more aggressive on Antonio than he usually is with other guys, so maybe there’s something going on between them. As for Keith, he’s how he usually is— an airhead and energetic guy. I don’t think I need to develop on that.

Now I need to have a mandatory Paolin post because she’s my favorite character in the series. I mean I like all characters minus the villains (except Kriem)— she just happens to be the one I always look forward to seeing in the series. So I like how she appeared in the epilogue because it showed how she had come in terms with what her parents wanted. Seeing her spend time with her parents and even wearing something cute shows how much she has grown from her tomboyish state. She’s become open to the idea of girly stuff, but I’m sure she’d rather wear pants and be boyish. Nothing wrong with that really. As for Ivan, it’s nice to see him take his hero job seriously even with Kotetsu’s departure. He’s actually active about it and shares with his best friend the different things he wants to do when Hero TV airs. Shy Ivan has grown out of his shell quite well.

Well I guess that’s it. Wow. 1300+ words on this one review.



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