The Cart Driver

Let me introduce to you one of the blogs I follow for anime-centered reviews. We have Scamp who runs the site The Cart Driver. Both the site’s title and URL basically say The Cart Driver. Now you may wonder who the Cart Driver is and as Scamp said, it’s the minor character from Code Geass— a series I should get myself to watch soon because people have been telling me to. Scamp is one of those bloggers who has inspired me to write anime reviews however I like ’em. Of course I’m not a genius like him in terms of writing them, but hey, he did serve as inspiration.

How did I discover the wonderful blog of Scamp? Simple. I have a problem which can be summarized as obsessive link-hopping. It is so severe that if school work wasn’t in a higher position in my so-called time hierarchy, I’d be doing it all day (along with watching anime of course). What I love about Scamp’s blog is that he writes reviews in such an amusing manner that you can’t help but laugh when you read them or in the case of what I’m going to show you now, watch.

So Scamp has this segment on his blog called Terribad Anime Review wherein he basically talks about a Terribad anime. Today, I’m showing one of those because his video reviews never fail to make me laugh, which is the ultimate stress reliever from what I’d like to call ‘high expectations from teachers who probably won’t remember you once you leave but if they do remember you the stress you’ve gone through for their subject must be worth it’. Yay for the long clause.


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