Guilty Crown PV

The Fall 2011 Season begun with the pilot episodes of Working!! and the Squid Girl anime (because I can’t seem to remember its complete name). Those two series are second seasons, so I won’t be watching them (along with the reason I never watched their first seasons).

Guilty Crown is one of the series that’ll be appearing this season and it’s the series I expect the most out of. The promotional video is just wonderful along with the music in it. My expectations are relatively high for Guilty Crown. You can expect me to follow this series until the end.

Fall 2011 Series Watch List (ranked by importance):

  1. Guilty Crown
  2. Fate/Zero & Persona 4 Animation
  3. Chihayafuru & Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi season 2
  4. UN-GO
  5. Bakuman 2
I’m getting excited. :3

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