Mawaru Penguindrum 11

They say a picture can say a thousand words, which is the genetic make-up of any speculation. Yes, what can you speculate from this one picture of Ringo smashing Shouma’s skull into a handrail?

Now every episode of Mawaru Penguindrum is basically weird, so it’s perfectly reasonable to see an event such as love potions actually working in this series. Now what does Mawaru Penguindrum throw at us for its 11th insane episode? It’s usual insanity just a notch three times higher. Sounds impossible? No insane thing is impossible for the crazy Mawaru Penguindrum. Okay… except for love because love is a hunt and blah.

So onto business on how crazy this episode is. First off, I would like to point out the craziness  of Natsume. I’m am 100% sure that Kanba was freaked out upon meeting her after x number of years. I mean you walk into someone’s house and you see them drawing an 18th century style portrait of you. I would be freaked out. But no, Natsume gets even freakier. She talks about removing memories as if it wasn’t a big deal— as if a memory is simply of no value. It’s a cold mindset, but she keeps it if she feels her precious Kanba is at risk of getting away from her. She is obsessed with Kanba that she’d do anything to get him— except giving up the Ringo’s diary. Circumstances prohibit it as someone she also cares deeply about will die without the diary.

Wait a minute. The scene skip is too big. What just happened? Mawaru Penguindrum needs a new concept for this episode. While it has conceptualized the idea of love potion a few episodes back, the studio goes, ‘hey, why not make it work this time?’. So I literally facepalmed when the potion actually worked. So finally things go Ringo’s way right? Wrong. Because here I am rolling on my bed laughing when a grown man throws a teenage girl on his bed and proceeds making love to her. To make matters worse, he is engaged. Now Ringo doesn’t feel guilty about the whole stealing away the man she loves from another woman, but she decides to chicken out. Before I go into rage mode because I wanted Ringo’s situation to be resolved for plot reasons, Yuri decides to crash the shebang wherein Tabuki is breaking doors and croaking like a frog.

Tabuki, high on frog sweat or whatever Ringo placed in that dreaded tea, proclaims his love for Ringo in front of Yuri. Ringo decides that’s the best way to drop the bomb on Yuri, but Yuri is all calm like shit. Oh yes, she goes, ‘sure I’ll give you the love of my life, but will it make you happy?’. She became a preacher of love and dropped a better bomb on Ringo by stating Ringo actually loved Shouma. Of course, Yuri ends her screen time with a bang by saying ‘fabulous~*’ in her usual sing-song voice.

Now I have to feel sorry for Shouma again. In a span of one episode, he gets slammed, kicked and flicked two times by the SAME person. Ringo has anger issues and Shouma is the usual receiving end of it all. Yet the difference between the first and the second time is the reason behind time. The first time, it occurred because Shouma couldn’t control his tongue and said something to Ringo— in Ringo’s point of view, it was harsh. Now the second time was Yuri’s fault and I don’t think Yuri knew. Hell, I don’t even think she considered any externalities when she dropped that bombshell on Ringo. Ringo, so close to completing Project M, ends up becoming confused all because of a boy— a boy she only knew for a span of weeks. Why oh why did Shouma enter Ringo’s life and messed it?

The thing about Mawaru Penguindrum is that when it attempts to add a dramatic scene, there has to be a weird catch to it. Like information connected to the penguindrum appears or information of something connected to the penguindrum that has some importance. What bothers me is that the show is now highlighting a person named Momoka. Seriously, who is she?! There is so much speculation behind just one girl. What can a single girl have caused that led to this whole penguindrum shebang?

Let’s make matters worse, the episode leaves us in a cliffhanger. Well, most of the time it leaves some sort of cliffhanger, but gawd, this one was intense. Okay, not really intense because I simply want to see whether or not Ringo will flip from the information Shouma told her. That the reason behind her sister’s death was because of him and Kanba’s birth. Sounds like a whole lot of serious shit.



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