Fall 2011 Pilot Episode Times

From my Guilty Crown PV post, you would’ve noticed that I’m looking forward to around 6 anime series for the Fall series. I think it’s quite a lot, but enough because I’ll be having only one carry over from the Summer 2011 set. The pilot episode of the following will be airing at the specified times:

10/01 (Sat), 24:00 – Fate/Zero
10/02 (Sun), 17:30 – Phi Brain*
10/03 (Mon), 09:00 – Tamayura*
10/05 (Wed), 00:59 – Chihayafuru
10/07 (Fri),  01:30 – Persona 4 Animation
10/08 (Sat), 01:05 – Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2
10/14 (Fri), 00:45 – Un-Go
10/14 (Fri), 01:15 – Guilty Crown
*will check out

It looks like my weekend will be filled with lots of anime marathons. Not much help when I have review classes every weekend. My Friday looks heavy especially when Mawaru Penguindrum is added to the set.

Time Source: Fansub Wiki
Shows to watch basis: the Cart Driver




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