[C]’s Overheated Economy

It’s noticeable how much of an avid fan I am when it comes to [C]. This blog was conceptualized with the concept of [C] in mind, so certain portions have something economic related in them. Economics is where [C] attempted to revolve itself around. In truth, [C] was one of the reasons why I like Economics class behind the mind boggling questions my teacher gives. However, [C]’s attempt to mix in Economics into an anime series didn’t go well because the anime was dominantly action— fighting action. Nevertheless, [C] is one of those shows I fell in love with in the Spring season and love until today.

I don’t have an inclination towards characters with reddish hair or clothes— trust me on that. The similarity is purely coincidence. In [C] The Money of Soul and Possiblity Control, my favorite character is Msyu, the asset of Kimimaro. Msyu is one of those characters who had gone through a chunk full of character development. Seeing her grow over the course of the series is what made me like her— her growth was incredible yet amusing. Along with her character development, I like her level-flation powers. While only her mezzo and macro were shown in the series, I believe that her micro would be as equally awesome as the other two.

Like I said, Msyu (pronounced as Mashu) is the asset of Kimimaro, a newbie in the Financial District. At the start of the anime, she is frustrated that she ended up with an entree that didn’t want to fight. An entree who had morals and avoided conflict at all costs. Kimimaro didn’t want to destroy anyone’s future— that’s why he avoided conflict. She couldn’t understand the concept of a future. All she knew was that she had to fight and that she was the image of Kimimaro’s future. She believes that she has no time to think about those things, but that’s how it was in the beginning of the series.

As the episodes flew by, she became accustomed to the lifestyle and mindset of Kimimaro. From eating cup noodles to caring about the few people around him, she slowly got into his habit. You can say that Kimimaro changed her in the way she saw life not only from lifestyle, but also learning about things about life. One of the lessons she learned from Kimimaro was love and what a kiss is. Kimimaro stated that you kiss someone you love and that Msyu should kiss someone whom she loved forty times more than Kimimaro.

While it has been implied halfway through the series that something was going on between Kimimaro and Msyu, it was defined in the end with the final and only lip kiss— the good-bye kiss. She said that she finally realized that she loved Kimimaro forty times more than what he actually thought of. He was the reason for her change— the person who made her realize her true person. To Msyu, she will do anything to keep his future intact. The two have a special and complex bond that I couldn’t help but love watching.

Msyu, behind her strong and reckless front, is a caring asset. Ultimately, she is like Kimimaro minus Kimimaro’s passiveness. The reason behind that is she is the future of Kimimaro in the literal sense. Msyu represents the first child that Kimimaro would have— a baby girl with that name. It’s not wonder that Msyu has characteristics that are similar to Kimimaro’s. I like her more than Kimimaro because her personality is lively and energizing albeit annoying from time to time. I wouldn’t mind getting to know someone like her.


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