[First Impression] Fate/Zero & Bakuman 2

So I totally forgot Bakuman 2 as one of those anime series I’m planning to follow this season. It’s the lowest in ranking though— exactly why I forgot it. Haha. Let’s start this post with Bakuman 2 in compensation of me forgetting it. Anyway, Fate/Zero’s impression will be longer.

Deep words coming from the editor-in-chief and Mashiro’s grandpa’s editor. The first episode of Bakuman 2 wasn’t that much. It basically continued off where it ended its first season. We’re introduced to new characters like Miura and their other ‘rival’ in the manga business. I don’t get why they single out rivals. Isn’t anyone drawing manga a rival off the bat? Enough about that, I’ll miss Hattori. He was an awesome person— made season one cool along with Nizuma Eiji. If school work gets to me, I might put this on hold mid-season.

OMG. Saber! I actually squealed when she appeared on screen. Fate/Zero is an anime I’ve been looking forward to in the Fall 2011 season (less than Guilty Crown though). For the first episode, it would be typically boring to any person who isn’t familiar with or a fan of the Fate series. I, on the other hand, like how the dedicated the first episode to showing the different Masters and their reasons why they wanted to become one. Along with that, there’s a lot of spying and researching going on, so it’s good foreshadowing of what we’ll expect to see in the upcoming episodes. Kiritsugu Emiya is an interesting character and one I’ll be following quite closely in the series, along with Kiriya too. Kiriya’s reason is saddening, but where sadness is, there’s hope and power.

I LOVE THE OPENING OF FATE/ZERO. There’s no video of it on youtube yet, which is a bummer so I’m replaying it on the episode stream. Compared to Fate/Stay Night’s opening, this one is livelier and filled with power. It’s like we’re supposed to expect a lot more action and darkness in this series as opposed to Fate/Stay Night.


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