[First Impression] Persona 4 the Animation

Alter Ego: You write first impressions in pairs, Ailia. What’s wrong with you?
Ailia: It’s Persona 4 the Animation! It needs to have its own post.
Alter Ego:  No it doesn’t. It’s not like you’re planning to write about it for the whole time it airs.
Ailia: Are you sure about that? <insert smug face>
Alter Ego: You can’t be serious?
Ailia: I’m beary serious.
Alter Ego: <insert facepalm> Beary Puny

Unintended Pun

Initially the opening wasn’t supposed to be a dialogue rather a paragraph pointing out to myself that this is the first first impressions post that won’t be done in pairs. It’s not like it’s signaling that I plan to write episodic reviews of the series. Maybe it’s ’cause there won’t be another series airing any time soon that I plan to watch. Okay fine, there’s Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 tomorrow, so that’s a lame excuse. I’m simply a lazy person who doesn’t want to do assignments that are due tomorrow and would rather write a review of Persona 4 the Animation’s first episode.

In relation of moving from game to anime

Persona 4 is the first game of the Persona series that I bought and still own. It has a special place in my heart, so I was ecstatic when I found out it’ll have an anime series. Now there’s the usual question why Persona 4 has a series and Persona 3 not. Persona 3 is supposed to have some connection to Persona ~Trinity Soul~ as Akihiko appeared in one of the episodes. While I’m part of the minority who found the series okay, it still isn’t an actual Persona 3 anime adaptation. Back to the point, Persona 4 is more notable for its plot and social links as opposed to Persona 3, which has better battle graphics and concepts (exactly why I play P3F than P4 more). Persona 4’s plot can be easily adapted to an anime series because it’s plot isn’t that repetitive.

However, having a plot diversity poses problems at times, which I found highlighted clearly in the first episode. There was no flow in the events and they simply used a calendar to denote the change of days. In an attempt to stay true to the plot of the game, the series’ flow of events ended up being robust and jagged. The lack of flow gave a feeling of abruptness. The character designs of the girl characters were splendid, but the guy characters’ designs felt derpy. Like the molding of the face wasn’t right. Straying away from gender discrimination, when the camera was father away from the face, the faces tend to be small to the point that the eyes are barely seen so you’re looking at eyeless people. Add to that, the characters’ heads were around 80% hair and 20% face, so they look like hair blobs with bodies.

You're cracked everywhere anyway.

On other details, I like that they used the music from the game as their background music (which means no need to download songs \:D/), but they have horrible timing when it comes to using it. In some parts, there is no transition from one song to the next or from an ambient noise to a song. All of a sudden, you just hear ‘Your Affection’ or ‘New Days’ in the background when it doesn’t even fit the mood of that certain scene. The background music would throw me off from time to time. I still squeal when I hear ‘Reach Out to the Truth’ being played because it signals epic awesomeness.

Nanako's cuteness.

So Persona 4 the Animation (the ‘the’ still bothers me) was great in terms of what it had to offer in the first episode. It showed the characters that’d be playing key roles in the series well, so the exposition was done well. It wasn’t as great as I thought it would be because the animation was derpy and the episode flow was robust. Nevertheless, I still see myself watching the said series until it ends.


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