[First Impression] Phi Brain & Chihayafuru

I still took a whack at Phi Brain even though first impressions about it were nearer to the negative side. Was it really that horrible? Or was Chihayafuru‘s pilot episode more horrible? For some reason, I do first impressions in pairs. Oh well…

Phi Brain does have potential in terms of the concept it has, but the main protagonist is egotistical and childish that the concept might not work at all. Trust me, I like the idea that they’re using puzzles as the driving force of the game— and that it isn’t a Yu-Gi-Oh! rip off in style. After Tiger & Bunny though, I don’t think Sunrise even tried to work on something decent. Hell, I bet this was in production while Tiger and Bunny was airing, so there wasn’t much effort placed into it— like Sacred Seven. I mean Sunrise probably spent most of their time editing the animation of Tiger and Bunny for the DVD that they scoffed off thinking of a decent script and characters for Phi Brain and Sacred Seven. I found the latter’s first episode more appealing than Phi Brain‘s. Now where is this all going? I have no clue myself. Do I see myself watching this show? Probably as a time filler, but not with dedication.

I am not watching an emo anime wherein the girl contemplates about how isolated she is. No, I have Chihayafuru, which is about a pretty girl with an eccentric mind. Think of Luna Lovegood from Harry Potter except Chihaya is less eccentric. Now Chihayafuru‘s first episode wasn’t bad nor was it good. You could say it’s just stalemate. For some reason, even with its horribly slow pacing, I’m compelled to continue watching the anime series as opposed to Phi Brain. Why? You could say even with its slow start, it left me hanging in certain ideas. Like what is Karuta and how is it played competitively or will there be any love-related subplots in the series. Chihayafuru seems to have a shoujo feel even though it’s classified as josei. It’s probably because of the story telling style.

So for this set, I’d probably continue watching Chihayafuru as opposed to Phi Brain.


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