Guitarist of My Dreams

Title: Guitarist of My Dreams
Type: One-shot
Fandom: Gakuen Alice
Posted on May 5, 2010
Story Summary: Natsume gets defeated in that one game he’s supposed to a god at and by who? A girl who just randomly popped up in the arcade. “You called me a retard.” Natsume said. “And a person with OCD, you got a problem with that?” The girl replied.
Disclaimer: I did say I was moving my fanfiction stories here at some point in time. I do not own Gakuen Alice, Guitar Hero, and Girls Dead Monster. All I own is my outlandish imagination.

 Here he was, stuck in the mall, one of the places he would never dare go to unless dragged by someone or in this case a bunch of people he’d call friends. For Natsume Hyuuga, he’d rather stay at home and sleep or read that hidden stash of porn magazines. Where were they hidden? That was a secret of course since it’s a HIDDEN stash. The whole fiasco of going to the mall started with Koko who begged everyone to go with him to play the new Guitar Hero game, which was Guitar Hero: Japanese. The whole gang played the Guitar Hero series whenever they would bond, I mean with a PS2 decked out with all the Guitar Hero series you can get and a PS3 with that held the latest versions of it, it’s no wonder they gave in to Koko’s offer to play Guitar Hero. Of course what none of them understood was why they had to go to the mall just to play that version when they could just order it, buy it and play it back at the dorm. Koko simply replied with a goofy smile and the words:

“They don’t plan to make a PS3 or PS2 game of it.”

So here they were standing at the entrance to the mall. They took a look around and saw lots of people. Natsume was not having his day for he didn’t like going to malls more so if the malls were super crowded, but that made him wonder. Why were there lots of people in the mall on a Wednesday? There was school the next day and they went to the mall at around 7 in the evening, so what was the fuss about that dragged in so many people.

“Natsume?” That was when he realized he fell into a trance. He looked over to his blond-haired best friend, the most probable person to have called out his name.

“What?” Natsume said sternly.

“It’s nothing. You were just in a trance that’s all.” Ruka replied with an unsure laugh.

“Whatever, where are the others?”

“Oh… they went ahead.” Those simple words made Natsume mumble those fucking retards. “Anyway, we should get going now Natsume.”

The two of them walked in and saw the place unusually packed. They knew their destination, the video games arcade located at the 4th floor, center wing of the mall. As they went up the floors, the two of them looked around and noticed that as they went higher up, the less people that showed. Was it them or were all the people concentrated at the ground floor? That wasn’t only the tidbit the two boys noticed, they also noticed that most of the people who were in the crowd in the ground floor were girls. With this, the two boys had a notion that a boy band would probably be having a concert that day and that all the girls waiting there were overrated fan girls who have no life purpose, but to worship boy bands. Natsume sighed as he contemplated how sick the girl population has become.

The two of them reached the 4th floor and saw Koko and Kitsuneme waving at them. They weren’t blind; it’s not hard to distinguish two guys that looked almost exactly alike. Natsume glared at Koko when he and Ruka were beside them. Koko gulped; he knew something ominous was coming his way.

“I know Kitsuneme is smarter than you, so it could only be you who decided to go ahead. Am I right, Koko?”

Koko never liked Natsume’s glare for whenever he would see it, he would have a sleepless night. All he could do is stare back and cower in fear.

“Now, now Natsume. Don’t scare the balls out of Koko. He needs to be sane tomorrow remember.”

Natsume stopped glaring and walked over to the Guitar Hero section. It looked like no one bothered to try the Japanese version for they were clustered around the World Tour series, which the gang of course finished already. Kitsuneme held out the card used for paying so you could play and scanned it so they could play. The screen became brighter and they knew that their credits have been accepted. The usual things were asked: do you have a Guitar Hero Japanese card, would you like to get one, a two-player game and are you right-handed or left-handed. Those showed up and they answered quickly, so they could get on with the game.

This is how the gang played. Ruka and Kitsuneme are always against each other for they thought they were too unskilled to battle out with Natsume, so they gave that job to Koko, who always willingly obliged. Ruka and Kitsuneme knew that Koko could reach the same level as Natsume for in some games, he would win against Natsume. The songs would be picked out at random for the first 4 rounds and the last one would be a group decision and they would play alternately with Natsume and Koko first and Ruka and Kitsuneme after and thus, they started playing.

First Round: Baka Go Home – Milktub, Level – Hard, Natsume wins.

Reason why Natsume won? Well, the song had a scale of notes that were continuous and that was Koko’s one weakness in Guitar Hero, so it was definite that Natsume would’ve won. Koko did try to catch up though, but sadly there weren’t much long held notes so he couldn’t get back his lost points.

Second Round: Brightdown – Nami Tamaki, Level – Medium, Kitsuneme wins.

Reason why Kitsuneme won? He knew this song before, so it was easy to follow the beat of the notes and when to strike. How’d he know the song before the game? Easy, Kitsuneme was the die-hard otaku in the gang. He would have tons of posters in his room connected to anime, so he knew very well which anime the song that was chosen was from.

Third Round: Reach Out to the Truth – Shoji Meguro, Level – Hard, Koko wins.

Reason why Koko won? If Natsume had a weakness in this game, it would be repetitive parts. Why that? Well, the beat would just be continuous, so he would have it in his mind after a while and when that happened, he didn’t bother to look at the screen, so when the beat suddenly changed, Natsume made a couple of mistakes. Comparing it to Koko, who had perfected the song due to its simplicity.

Fourth Round: Karma – Bump of Chicken, Level – Medium, Ruka wins.

Reason why Ruka won? It was a close fight between Kitsuneme and Ruka in this song, the only difference that Ruka made was he used the whammy bar a lot and that gave him a slight lead in the score. It was a simple as that and Kitsuneme just laughed it out like it was no big deal that he lost because of a single whammy bar.

“It’s the 5th round already.” Koko started. “So what song are we going to choose?”

“I say we go for Sugar Sweet Nightmare!” Kitsuneme said with his whole heart.

“The title sounds gay.” Natsume commented bluntly. “And I’m sure you know what anime it is from.” Of course, Kitsuneme mumbled how Natsume is such a killjoy and how much Natsume doesn’t appreciate how much he, Kitsuneme, loved anime.

“Why not Hologram, Natsume?” Ruka suggested.

“Sounds too simple.” Natsume replied right away. Ruka in his mind wanted to strangle Natsume. Was it his fault that he wasn’t as good as Natsume? Ruka sighed, which Natsume luckily didn’t hear.

“Fuwa Fuwa Time sounds interesting.” Koko suggested.

Natsume groaned. “Not you too, Koko. The title sounds fucking gay and the tune sounds too cute.” Koko had the urge to punch Natsume right at that moment. What’s wrong with liking or playing cute sounding songs? Koko balled his fists and was about to lift it up when they heard a voice.

“Are you a retard or some person with OCD?”

The whole gang turned around to look at the direction where the voice came from. In that spot, they saw a girl leaning against the pillar looking at them looking very annoyed. Though she looked annoyed, Natsume took one huge gaze at her and noted that she looked hot. Jeans that hugged her hips and a tank top that seemed to use a thin cloth that if it were in the color white, you would’ve seen the bra, but she had one hell of an attitude.

“You called me a retard.” Natsume said with a straight face.

“And a person with OCD, you got a problem with that?” The girl replied with some attitude in it.

“No. I do have a problem with your attitude though. What’s your name?” Natsume questioned.

“My parents told me not to give my name to strangers.”

“A saint are we? You don’t look like one.” Natsume pointed at the outfit.

“Haha.” The girl said sarcastically. “Don’t get cocky. This is what I call a sexy angel look since it makes me look sexy and hides my angel-likeness, which I show later on.”

“Really, your attitude doesn’t show your angel-likeness.”

“Well, it doesn’t show itself to rude and cocky guys like you.” The girl stuck out her tongue.

“And childish to boot.” Natsume mumbled softly, so the girl wouldn’t hear more criticism from him, although he would want to have more fun through annoying the girl.

“I like this girl.” Koko pointed at her. “She blasted Natsume’s ego down.” Ruka and Kitsuneme nodded in agreement which signaled Koko to continue. “Why’d you bother our game?”

“Well, I saw you guys had a dilemma in picking the next song, so I was about to suggest a song to you when you suggested Fuwa Fuwa Time, which is quite nice to listen to, but then this cocky friend of yours named Natsume dissed the song, so I made a snide comment first, so sorry about that.” The girl smiled.

“It’s no problem.” Ruka replied out of courtesy. “So what—”

“Song of choice?” Natsume cut in.

“Try Alchemy by Girls Dead Monster.” The girl said happily.

“What? No way. If that’s the last thing I do!” Natsume said. Why the sudden outburst? Natsume will never dare play songs from bands that are purely girls or have the word girl or girls in it for his belief that all songs of girls are cute and pop-like.

“Even if I’m going to play against you instead of Koko?” Natsume intensely glared at her with eyes that screamed no. “You must not be confident about your skills then not to play against me, a girl.”

“Honey, you’ll definitely lose if I play against you.” Natsume replied cockily and with a smirk.

“Wanna bet?” The girl picked up the guitar from the stand and searched for the song Alchemy. “There it is!” She pressed the accept button, which made Natsume grab the other guitar.

“Prepare to be whooped.” Natsume said with a smirk.

“We’ll see. Level is hard.” The girl relaxed her arms a little with eyes glued at the screen.

The screen was quiet for a while until a string of green notes followed by short red, yellow and blue notes afterwards that were played right after each other. Natsume questioned if the girl would even get through the whole level alive, but when he looked to hi right the girl was playing it easily like it was no big deal. When the lyrics of the song were heard, the girl was singing right with them and for some reason, the girl’s voice sounded like the one who was singing. Natsume shook his head; the girl and the song must be affecting his thinking. He concentrated instead at the screen and playing, but he could not stop the voice of the girl from entering his head.

After a while, the game finished with Natsume admitting defeat for the girl won by a couple of hundred points more. The girl smiled cheekily to the group who stared at her in awe for she had just beaten Natsume, the best in their group.

“You burned it!” Koko jumped in joy. The girl was about to reply when a voice shouted out.

“Baka, this is where you were!” A girl’s voice said in annoyance. The group turned around to see a black-haired girl looking slightly mad. “We were looking for you Mikan. The concert is starting soon.” The black-haired girl dragged Mikan away and all Mikan could do was mouth the words Thank You.

The group looked at each other saying in unison, “So her name was Mikan.” She must’ve gone to the mall for the concert. Initially, it wasn’t their idea to go to the concert, but the girl named Mikan sparked their interest. They wanted to know what kind of band she listened to. As they exited the video game arcade, Ruka’s eyes lingered towards a certain corner.

“Isn’t that Aoi?”

The whole gang looked to where Ruka pointed and saw Aoi two-floors down, surrounded with concert equipment. Why was she there with the sound system? They went down the flight of escalators to rush over to Aoi who was directing people here and there, so they shouted her name, which made her turn around.

“Oh, hey you guys.”

“What are you doing surrounded with these equipment?” Natsume questioned his little sister.

“It’s for the concert of Girls Dead Monster.” She pointed at the stage where the concert will be held. “This is their first debut outside campus. Oh yeah, I’m the assistant manager.”

Natsume snickered. “You’re assistant manager?”

“Hard to believe right?” Aoi looks at the stage and the lights dimmed out. “It looks like they’re starting; try watching my dear brother and friends.”

They all took a look at the stage and saw 4 girls: two with a guitar, another in drums and one in bass. The other guitarist must be the singer and that’s when they noticed the hazelnut tussled hair of the girl in the center wearing jeans and a tank top the same color as the girl who played Natsume.

“Good evening! We’re Girls Dead Monster and we’re from Gakuen Alice. We’ll be playing only one song today, which is Alchemy. Hope you like it.” Mikan said through the microphone.

“Oh yeah, introduction.” Aoi stated to the guys. “Mikan, singer. Nonoko, guitar. Anna, bass and Sumire, drums.”

Natsume stared in awe at the girl named Mikan. It made sense now: the game, the song, the voice, the looks, the polka-dotted underwear. He wanted to meet that girl; he had no idea when, but he now had this thing for Mikan. He asked Aoi to let him backstage after the show, which she reluctantly agreed to, so after the whole concert he followed Aoi while the gang just waited outside for him.

Backstage, everyone was jumping up and down with joy for the successful show. Anna and Nonoko hugged each other, while Sumire and Mikan exchanged high-fives. Mikan was about to hug Aoi, who she saw enter the door when she saw Natsume.

“It’s the cocky bastard I met.” Aoi laughed at Mikan’s comment.

“Mikan, this is my older brother Natsume.” Aoi explained.

“You’re related to him? This can’t be happening.” Mikan sighed.

“Look, I’ll be blunt at you right now Mikan.” Natsume started. “You’re fucking awesome at the guitar, you have one awesome voice and your polka-dotted underwear ain’t that bad.” Of course, in the background Natsume heard Mikan say pervert. “I will make you fall in love with me and you will become my girlfriend.” Natsume then left backstage to get back with his friends.

“That. Cocky. Bastard.” Mikan said furiously.

“Mikan, if I know my brother, he means what he says and he rarely gives out compliments. All I can say is good luck!” Aoi said hesitantly with a smile. Mikan sighed for the continuation of her high school life in Gakuen Alice is going to be very rocky.

/*The Next Day*/

Mikan opened her locker to see a key dangling right in front of her with a note. She took the note and read the contents.

Mikan, here’s a key to my dorm room. I want a rematch with you in Guitar Hero. Be there right after school. ~Natsume

Mikan sighed as she got the key and placed it in her breast pocket. She grabbed her books and turned around to see Natsume right behind her. She raised an eyebrow and looked at him questioningly.

“I expect you to be there.” He brought out a copy of Guitar Hero Japanese. “Your best friend, Hotaru I think, gave this to me. I’ll be waiting.” And he walked away from Mikan, who just chuckled. She never backed down from a Guitar Hero battle.


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