My Happy Ending Chapter 37: The Final Round, a gakuen alice fanfic

My Happy Ending Chapter 37: The Final Round, a gakuen alice fanfic – FanFiction.Net.

My Happy Ending is a fanfiction by Little Miss Giggle. It’s one of my favorite Gakuen Alice fanfictions amongst the humongous pool of Gakuen Alice fanfiction. It’s easy to love and the story is written magnificently. There aren’t any typographical errors (or maybe I didn’t notice) and she uses the right words to bring the story to life. She knows how to use the characterization of the Gakuen Alice characters properly.

Chapter 37 is so far my favorite chapter of the fanfiction. It’s the final round of the competition and Little Miss Giggle envisioned it splendidly. From the songs to the actions, she didn’t miss a single detail to convey what was happening. I actually cried in this chapter, which is amazing because I don’t cry over stories.

Little Miss Giggle is an inspiring fanfiction writer. Her stories are wonderful and I look up to them when I attempt to write. While I’m nowhere near her level, I guess it simply takes practice.



  1. Hi, believe it or not, it’s me, Leenoy! More commonly known on FFn as Little Miss Giggle. It was actually a friend on FFn that directed me to this page after I complained tritely to her that I was a failure (hey, I was having a bad day! It was cold, raining, damp – just bloody miserable, really) and I can’t even articulate how happy this made me – the fact that this comes up on google when you type in “Little Miss Giggle fanfiction” is just .. woah. I know it’s so small but it’s the small things that affect me the most I think as they shape who am I to be tomorrow, if that makes sense. So thank you so much for this wonderful little post (and I’m glad you liked Chapter 37!) especially for the title: Inspiring Individuals. It’s unbelievably strange yet amazing to think that I have the potential to inspire somebody!

    I plan to dedicate the next chapter to you, Ailia Kate Kira. Look out for it 🙂

    And just for the record, please don’t forget how I started off (i.e. awfully), so it does take practice of course (not to say that I, myself am at that level yet – I still need lots and lots of practice too!) so don’t give up! You can do it.


    • First off, I’m incredibly shocked that you found this post (or at least your friend. haha). I’m sure you could’ve just looked over this post, but the fact you commented about it is commendable (and made me squeal inside). Second, I had to try out searching for this on google too just to make sure what you were saying isn’t a fluke or anything. I’m shocked by the fact that it appeared like you said. Finally, I’m glad that this short post was able to bring you out of the dumps in a way. It may not be much, but hey, I hope it inspired you to keep on going. You have lots of potential and I want to see it appear in your fanfictions.

      Ailia Kate Kira is my pen name, which you can also use to search for me on FFn. I go by the same pen name on FFn.

      – Thea

  2. It’s my favorite fanfiction too
    No matter how much I read my happy ending is the best
    I always go back to it , it’s just perfect it’s better than the real manga .
    One day I want to meet little miss giggle to thank her for this amazing work
    P.S. I’m obsessed with it

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