The Golden Pin

Title: The Golden Pin
Type: One-shot
Summary:  Are angels still angels when they cause great suffering?
Disclaimer: It was meant to be long and tragic, but my brain kept throwing ‘Must Study Physics’ barrages at me.

Ailia knew he was struggling. He was constantly in a daze, looking at the distance, maintaining for most of the day. The warm and lively laughter he always had didn’t show on that day. And she knew why, but how would that make a difference if she couldn’t solve it? He was quiet amongst his group of friends and Ailia was quite sure only one thing was swirling his consciousness at that time— an angel whose smile can rival that of his.

Yet where is this angel Ailia spoke of? She left without a trace— a leaving so sudden, it’d could rival a heart attack. A heart attack that the boy Ailia watched over had. So is that angel still an angel or is she a figment of the boy’s imagination? She was neither for to Ailia she was neither an angel nor an imagination’s figment. The girl was simply human in her eyes— a girl prone to mistakes and troubles. This girl had angelic morals who couldn’t find any evil in a person. She always radiated a smile that managed to lighten someone’s day. She believed in her faith and always stuck to it. She was an inspirational figure and it was no wonder the boy got attracted to her. It was no wonder that this attraction made the boy fall in love with such an angel. But angels are there as means to protect and guide you. They are sent by the Being with hopes of gaining a better life. This is why you don’t fall in love with them because once their goal is achieved, they’ll have to leave.

What if this angel’s mission was to make the boy realize that happiness with a girl doesn’t coincide to love?

Ailia laughed at that thought going through her head. Such a hypocrite she was, but maybe that’s why the angel decided to drop out of the boy’s life. The angel knew they were getting to close for comfort— a relationship between an angel and a mortal was taboo. She wanted to break free from it as she was going to cause the boy harm. But this same angel had also grown affection for the boy— an uncommon one to beat. It was the type of affection that was greater than that of a friend that could lead to love. Things were getting complicated— so the angel believed. She worried how the boy would take her innevitable departure and in truth, he didn’t take it to well.

Exactly why Ailia had left the two of them alone. The last few hours to bask in each other’s world. The last chance to recreate that personalized world of theirs that no one could understand. It was such a sad waste in Ailia’s opinion because their personalities were in sync— like they were intentionally made for each other. Yet was it actually fate’s wish to have them separated afterwards? If that were the case, then fate is such a cruel person. While being fatalistic isn’t bad, the world it created is cruel. It wouldn’t hesitate to crush a dream or a hope in a millisecond.

So now here Ailia was, looking at the blank-eyed boy. She didn’t know what to tell him to make him feel a bit better. Like she said, she didn’t know how to solve his dilemma. It’s not like she could call out to the Heavens with a request to let the angel return to Earth. She was a mere mortal and couldn’t go against the Being’s judgement.

Ailia tossed up and down a group of safety pins. She wondered how to strike a conversation that would lead to a happy outcome for the boy. As she looked at the gazebo area, her peripheral vision saw the boy look at the safety pins she were tossing. She stopped tossing and took a decent look at the pins. They were in the color gold.

“—just like the ones that accented bag.” Koko said with a sad smile.

“Do you want one?” Ailia asked as she unhooked one of the pins from the set and gave it to Koko.

The once sad smile lighted up in delight with just a simple pin. The pin must’ve reminded him of her greatly. Ailia was glad to see a smile grace his face. Maybe he’d return to normal after that event albeit slowly. Maybe this was his first step to recovery.


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