[First Impression] Guilty Crown

First thing I did when I got home: check out animeseason and watchanimeon for Guilty Crown episode. I would’ve preferred watching from the former because I get better screenshots there, but sadly, only the latter had the series. So sorry for the low quality screenshots. The fangirl in me squealed just a few minutes into the first episode, which was unconventional because I don’t simply squeal at the start of the first episode of any series. But it’s Guilty Crown and you know the good thing about it— I never watched Code Geass. So this means there won’t be comparisons of similarities between Guilty Crown and Code Geass.

I have this horrible problem when it comes to review writing. Those series that are done splendidly and to my expectations are the hardest to write. At times, I end up not writing them at all. The first episode of Guilty Crown happens to be in this predicament. In truth, as I typed this portion the sort-of blank post has been opened for more than an hour. So much for getting this review done before 10pm. Like I said, the episode was portrayed fantastically that I couldn’t help but watch it the second time. The current situation doesn’t allow me to write episodic reviews for this series because I’ll probably be too distracted by the animation and script, which might lead me to not being able to analyze the events in the series.

I adore all the characters that have appeared so far. While there is that air of seriousness enveloping around them, each of them has a distinct personality. For example, our main protagonist, Shu, is characterized as constantly unsure and hesitant. He may sound like the typical weak male protagonist, but he does get better in terms of characterization. Unlike most weak male protagonists, Shu knows and wants change in terms of himself. His encounter with Inori has caused him to reevaluate his cowardice, which eventually got him to stand up for himself and for others. Also, the fact he gets a huge ass sword instead of his own mecha clearly defines that nothing is real life is fair. Plus, human-mecha battles are interesting to watch albeit gory.

The music is incredible. It’s an aspect that had me glued to the video. If the songs used were out, I would’ve downloaded them already. Yes, they’re that incredible. The singer that won the audition really deserved it as her voice was spectacular. I remember the first time I saw the PV, I played it in the background instead of watching it because all I wanted was the music. I would place a link or a video here, but I’m in a lazy rut to do so. I’ll probably add one some time this week.

All in all, I loved the first episode of Guilty Crown. My expectations were met and I was also entertained. I just hope Guilty Crown continues the standard it has set or raises it even higher. I hope its 2-cour set-up won’t hinder its plot.


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