[First Impression] UN-GO & Mirai Nikki

UN-GO was on my list of anime series to watch this season while Mirai Nikki (Future Diary) wasn’t. From watching the first episodes of the two series, I’ve deduced that the Fall season is intentionally ending their pilot episodes with a bang— don’t forget Guilty Crown, which will probably be awesome. The contents of this short impression are the following: why I decided to watch Mirai Nikki, what I thought about Mirai Nikki, why UN-GO wouldn’t be a lot of people’s cup of tea, and what UN-GO had that make it my cup of tea.

The story behind why I decided to watch Mirai Nikki. A post made by someone I followed on tumblr showed a screenshot of a scene in Mirai Nikki. Now, I would’ve skimmed it over, but the description of the picture was what pulled me in. At first glance, it’s simply a girl kissing a boy, which would probably signal stereotypical show. But the description states that the girl looked like she was about to kill the boy, but suddenly kisses him. To make it increasingly awkward, the girl is the boy’s stalker. So with that much to work with, I decided to give Mirai Nikki a try. Did I regret making time to watch it?

Not a single bit. What I do regret about encountering it is that I’ll probably have to decreases some of my study time in order to make room for this series. With 9 series on my total watch list for this season and last’s, I’m sure that I’m going to stumble somewhere. Mirai Nikki has this psychological aspect to it that makes you anticipate what evil thing will occur to the characters. What ties the series as interesting is that it’s in the form of game— a game of life and death wherein your life is basically a cellular phone. Once that’s destroyed, so are you. It’s creepy in all honest opinion, but that’s its selling point.

Now UN-GO, on the other hand, needs acquired taste in order to appreciate it. If you don’t give it time or if really weren’t your cup of tea, then it’ll be a flop in your eyes. One of the aspects that can make people stray away are the character designs. In an attempt to make it CLAMP-esque, it didn’t work out quite well, but I found it unique on its own. People may find the character designs rigid and the dominant dialogue boring. For a detective series, it sure does its part in showing the case and the solving it too, but for it to happen in one episode was quite uneventful. It’s dialogue heavy, so if you’re the type who watches for the action and animation, then this probably won’t be the anime for you this season.

Now possibly everything I said above that the people wouldn’t like is what made me appreciate UN-GO. Its failed attempt at a CLAMP-style created room for this kind of character design. Sure, it is rigid and stiff, but it adds a certain seriousness to it. Also, the clothes of the characters are simply wonderful because the character’s body and features mold into the design well. I’m glad it failed at its attempt because it became unique on its own. I’m a sucker for anime series that are mystery, supernatural or psychological-based. So when UN-GO appeared in the Fall anime 2011 chart, I adamantly told myself I’d watch it. The description of the series sounded better than Kami-sam no Memo-chou, which I didn’t bother to watch because of the Shana-like clone (Seriously, there are too many of them). I like how they solve mysteries. If Bones’s GOSICK had a golden fairy, who had a well of wisdom, to solve mysteries, Bones’s UN-GO has a boy in a panda suit that transforms into a woman with the ability to ask a person ONE question that WILL be answered truthfully. I hope that power wouldn’t be abused as much as GOSICK abused its. Finally, I love UN-GO‘s opening song just because it was sung by School Food Punishment whose music style is distinct.


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