Final Fall 2011 Anime Watch List

With all the pilot episodes done, here’s my list of anime series that I’ll be watching for the Fall 2011 season. They’ll be ranked in order of preference.

  1. Guilty Crown
  2. Fate/Zero*
  3. Un-Go*
  4. Mirai Nikki*
  5. Chihayafuru
  6. Sekaiichi Hatsukoi 2
  7. Persona 4 the Animation
  8. Bakuman 2
And the only carry over from last season: Mawaru Pengindrum*! (Situated in between Mirai Nikki & Chihayafuru)
I’ve ranked them by preference so I know which series I’ll have to drop if I find myself lacking time to watch anime because of school requirements. Hey, nine anime series is quite a lot to juggle. Good thing they appear just weekly and not everyday— that’d be a pain to deal with.
*Tied in placing. Difficult to rank.



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