Monthly Anime Round-Up: October 2011

What is the Monthly Anime Round-Up?

Just as the title states, it’s a summary of the anime episodes I’ve watched during the month and my ratings for them. Since I don’t have the consistency to do weekly reviews for even one series, I decided I’d do a monthly review of the series’ episodes that aired that month.

What is the rating scale?

A lot of people are doing the letter system while others the usual x out y system. I’m familiar with the latter because I used to write reviews for Population GO. Here though, I’ll be using the grading system of my school, which translates a number grade from a range of percentages.

1.00 – 100-96%
1.25 – 95-90%
1.50 – 89-84%
1.75 – 83-78%
2.00 – 77-72%
2.25 – 71-66%
2.50 – 65-60%
2.75 – 59-55%
3.00 – 54-50%
5.00 – below 50%

The grades in red symbolize a failing mark, which is equivalent to an E or F rating depending how horrible or low the grade is.

Let’s get started, shall we?


Guilty Crown episode 1-3

Guilty Crown was the anime series I’ve been looking forward to the most in the Fall 2011 season. From episode 1 to 3, it has managed to keep me entertained and looking for more, especially with episode 3. Episode 3 gives a glimpse of the change in lifestyle Ouma Shu will have to go through. The script is doing a grand job in showcasing what to expect in the upcoming episodes while leaving those small plot holes to let viewers speculate. While it has managed to keep entertained in all three episodes, I find myself unexcited when an episode airs on its predetermined day. I mean it does entertain me with its lovely animation and character designs (don’t forget script!), but I haven’t fallen in love with any character yet. Character personalities are what get me excited when watching the series— to the point I look forward to watching the series even though the plot is incredibly horrible (like IS: Infinite Stratos) or it’s the animation that’s derpy (like [C] The Money of Soul and Possibility Control).


Un-Go episode 1 – 3

Now Un-Go attained something from me that Guilty Crown didn’t— the excited factor. While both series air on the same day, I always find myself wanting to watch Un-Go more than Guilty Crown. Why? Simply because I’m biased towards detective-like plots AND I actually like one of the characters just from the first episode— Inga. While Inga is two people, I like both sides because both of Inga’s personalities has this redeeming characteristic that you can’t help but appreciate or find amusing. As for plot-wise, Un-Go hasn’t revealed its main problem or issue. Like how most detective series start, they feed you with small cases that can be solved in one episode (except for GOSICK, but they had a longer running span). I was hoping episode 3 would give even a small glimpse of the grander plot, but no. I get more male!Inga being cute, which isn’t a bad thing actually.

Fate/Zero episode 1 – 5

I love Fate/Zero, so you may be wondering why it isn’t with Guilty Crown on the 1.00 mark. Well, Fate/Zero is going through a transitionary phase wherein it is attempting to attain balance between dialogue and animation. Episode 1 was basically derp-like in the moving department because it was dialogue-dominated as opposed to the action-heavy episode 5. Unlike Guilty Crown, I also have characters I’m looking forward to seeing in Fate/Zero. The number greatly outnumbers that of Un-Go, but that’s due to wanting to see Fate/Stay Night characters in their smaller form. Concerning plot, Fate/Zero is going all-out in the introductions by allowing most of the servants to meet each other. Iskandar and Wayver are the most amusing servant-master duo to watch while Saber(Arthur) and Illyasviel’s fake servant-master relationship is worth keeping eyes because no one has seen the fake nature of it yet.

Mirai Nikki episode 1 – 4

For a series I never planned to watch, it sure attained a high mark. Mirai Nikki is a wild card in the set of anime series I’m viewing because I decided to watch it out of hype. I don’t have a favorite character in Mirai Nikki as of now, but Mirai Nikki has its plot done right. The psychological aspect radiates in each episode, analyzing each of the characters’ movement and motives. Each episode has this crazy plot twist in it that makes the series more insane, but that’s exactly where it might slip. What worries me about Mirai Nikki is that with so many deranged plot twists and characters, it’ll lose its focus and forget certain details.Well, I’m not really worried because psychological plots are hard to conjure because of the numerous detail you have to remember in every plot twist. But that’s what makes it one of the greatest genres in anime. Finally, Yuno makes Yanderes look scary.


Mawaru Penguindrum episode 13 – 16

Mawaru Penguindrum was a series I greatly praised in the Summer 2011 set, which is usually crap. Well, Summer and Winter anime seasons are usually crap because more focus is placed on Autumn and Spring. Anyway, I’m confused at the direction Mawaru Penguindrum is heading, but I am sure now what the Penguindrum is thanks to Yuri’s flashback. With the issue of what the penguindrum is aside, Mawaru Penguindrum attempts to create a new problem which incorporates the penguindrum. Masako seems to depict Sanetoshi’s partnered organization as something sinister, but the reasons behind it are still in the shadows. One thing is for sure is that Masako’s dad seemed to have a connection with that black-trench coat organization. While that may sound positive on all levels, the currently puzzled direction of the plot created episodes with too many LOL moments. Actually, the four episode put together create a pile of laughs that seem to generate from puns to unintentional parent complexes to basically each character having a deranged family.

Chihayafuru episode 1 – 4

I thought I was getting myself into a series filled with game matches when I decided to watch Chihayafuru. Instead I get a series that displays the life of Chihaya and how the game Karuta has been incorporated into it. It’s basically a slice of life anime involving cards. I typically despise slice of lifes because of its boring atmosphere, but the card aspect of Chihayafuru livened up the series, which made it one of the series I look forward to watching each week. What’s saddening about the series is that instead of depicting the achievements of Chihaya as something worthwhile, it seems to shoot it down with plot twists. In the end, Chihaya is left on her own in playing Karuta as of episode 4, so I wonder how the series is going to push through with that problem.


Persona 4 the Animation episode 1-4

I’m a Persona series fan, so it’s expected that I’ll be watching Persona 4 the Animation. There’s nothing exciting about the series especially when it’s an exact play by play of what happens in the game. So even without reading the subtitles, I know what the characters are saying and what’s about to happen. This leaves no room for excitement on my part, so in the end, I get bored from watching the episode. I simply waiting for Shirogane Naoto to appear in the series because she is my favorite character. What I do applaud the series for is having an awesome opening song. Hell, I play it on Osu all the time.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi 2 episode 1 – 4

I tell you, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi will never reach the 1.00 or 1.25 mark simply because it has no huge plot. It’s basically Takano trying to woo Onodera into falling in love with Takano (again) with two more side pairings, which present an equal amount of love-love hormones in the episodes. So that’s basically why I watch Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi— for the Boy’s Love. I don’t watch for the plot nor for the characters. I basically watch because of the heart wrenching feeling each episode provides perfectly. From the tension of arguments to the sweet make-ups, Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi does a great job in expressing what love and care is all about. That’s basically why I’m still watching the series (and reading the manga).


Bakuman 2 episode 1 – 4

Because I don’t have any other Bakuman 2 screen caption and I’m too lazy to rewatch an episode to take one, I’ll stick to the quote of the dude above, which summarizes what Bakuman 2 offers… again. It’s about Mashiro and Takagi’s adventure on creating a manga that’ll get an anime and how derp they are at every single moment. Nevertheless, they are aware that only by changing themselves and managing their decisions will get them to reach their reality/goal. Bakuman 2 is interesting watch because of how it depicts the struggles of making a manga while still in high school, but that’s all it has to offer in truth.


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