When Chapter 562 Ends With Badassery

In the latest chapter of Naruto, all five kages are shown in a spread as the ready themselves for a battle against Uchiha Madara. After three world wars, the fourth becomes the war that, rather than pits the countries against each other, places them on one side to fight against a bigger enemy— an enemy that threatens the balance the 5 countries have. But that makes me wonder, if that bigger enemy came during a previous time, would these five countries be able to band together? I don’t think so.

I believe that the composition of the kages in that chapter gained understanding. They say the world needs understanding in order work together— because each person has his strengths, faults & culture and it’s up to the people around him to understand these. This also applies in a vice versa manner. But there’s another way for these people to band together— having the same mindset. Each of the kages above has a story to tell that has created a perspective that transcends the “mine” factor. Because each of them have learned that fighting against each other will not solve anything, more so if there’s a more detestable enemy in front of them. Each country, in Naruto, is important in saving the world from Tobi, Kabuto & Zetsu Zombies.

Let us flesh out each character from the old but kicking Onoki to the young yet knowledgeable Gaara. Actually, I’ll be fleshing out just 3 of the kages simply because the back stories of the Raikage and Mizukage were never shown. By sharing and analyzing the life story of the kages, it’ll be easier to understand how come they were able to band together.

The most fresh back story shared is that of Onoki’s. He has lived longer than Madara Uchiha and had to chance of fighting against him once in another war. That war was between nations— one that involved the bloodshed of worthy ninjas. Onoki has seen so many wars and he has learned from them. When Madara commented that the world wars are for nations to fight against each other and not to band up, Onoki stated that the fourth ninja war (the current one) is not of that kind. Madara, even though just resurrected, was cocky and stated that Onoki won’t beat him again because Onoki is inferior to Madara. Yet Onoki replies that he has lived through numerous events that he knows he’ll be at par with Madara. To Onoki, bloodshed doesn’t solve anything, but is necessary as a last resort. Onoki would rather work with the other countries than to lose excellent ninjas simply because he wouldn’t give time to understand others.

Tsunade may be a gambler, but not with life— exactly why she values the idea of teamwork. She believes that back-up is always needed and that every life is important. This is why she won’t go to war with any nation because that’ll be a loss of a precious life— a life of a ninja who has friends and family. You could say she got scarred by death when she lost a brother and a husband to a war or feud, but I believe that she has a mindset worthy for a kage.

Lastly we have Gaara who has grown since the beginnings of Naruto. Gaara’s growth is basically shown through other Naruto chapters, but in summary, Gaara knew the concept of understanding and teamwork all because of, well, Naruto. Gaara was isolated for most of his childhood, going as far to being named a monster by the townspeople. Yet, all because of his encounter with Naruto in the Chunin exams, it changed. Gaara held a monster within him, so did Naruto, but unlike him, Naruto still kept smiling. Naruto valued friendship and that’s what Naruto thought Gaara was missing— thus leading to Gaara’s first friend being Naruto. It’s a cheesy story, but hey, friendship does transcend misunderstandings.

Well, that’s about it for what I can share about the latest Naruto chapter. Hell, it’s more of what spurred in my mind the moment I saw this picture. One thing is sure— I can’t wait to see how badass the kages are going to be against Madara.



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