A Smack in the Face Reminder

A friendly reminder why I transferred CS4 streams occurred today. More of what I wanted to avoid in WebDev happened to me today in the most awkward manner possible. The reason behind my transfer was that I felt staying in WebDev would be awkward considering the teacher for that subject happened to be the cousin of the guy I used to date. Not that I mind the transfer, but staying in WebDev might have gotten me a better grade in CS— that’s all in the past.

Today was the first meeting of the Pisay Web Design team after how many weeks of inactivity. The teacher in charge is, well, the CS4 WebDev teacher, who I planned to avoid having a class in during the first quarter. But I decided to join the Web Design team to make use of my time considering I dropped a lot of activities in the 2nd quarter. Today’s meeting had free food in the end— courtesy of the said teacher. So while eating, the said teacher kept looking at me as if I’m some strange entity. Totally conscious about it, I gave a smile and that’s when he asked me something.

“Ikaw ba yung ano ni Maki?”

Oh great. The question I’ve been avoiding like a plague since I joined the Web Design team. The question I avoided when I transferred to Advance Programming. Here it was, brought up in an awkward manner. He probably connected the pieces when he asked for my name at the start of the meeting. He asked who were the AdProg students on the team and got our names— well, it was just Tin and I, so it was easy to remember. Makes me wonder what went through the said teacher’s mind upon hearing my name.

In my most straight-faced expression, I nodded. Well, it was better than lying in my opinion. So yeah, that’s how the awkwardness began and stayed that way. Oh well, time for another Web Design meeting tomorrow.


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