Ending song of Fate/Zero
Because those previous memories were a catalyst to my renewal

Maybe all I needed was a simple wake up call— a call reminding me what I left behind. A call telling me that I’m being given a second chance to make a difference. That’s how I saw AKSIS’s culminating camp— a wake up call.

In truth, I didn’t plan to go to AKSIS camp due to SATs, but Ryan told me to try and follow. I was reluctant to catch up to a camp after taking 3 exams. Those three exams do take a toll on one’s brain and stability. I was gunning on the reasoning I still have to ask my ‘rents and well, I thought they’d say no— apparently, they didn’t mind.

So on Novermber 5, I found myself taking the SATs in the sunny morning and heading to the camp venue in the rainy afternoon. I missed a lot upon my arrival— that I was definitely sure of. I thought there’d be other seniors, but apparently, it was just me and Joan. I thought camp wouldn’t be that fun because we were the only seniors, so we only had each other to depend on. But in the end, reality smacked me in the face screaming, “Look around you. There’s potential.”

Synergy made me realize the potential AKSIS still had with its members. Not only that, but I see those juniors who are willing to step up to the plate to make a difference— to reinvent the club. I see the freshmen who are active and want to contribute to the club. I realized numerous things related to AKSIS in this camp: why I initially joined it, how I have duties as an officer that I shouldn’t run away from, how I want to return the club to its glory, how there’s a potential in every member.

It all took one camp to make me realize this. Whether it was talking to the other AKSIS/would be officers or mingling with the freshmen, I felt myself reconnecting with AKSIS. I probably lost the drive when my fellow officers were slacking off due to other duties, but I’ve been reenergized.

Reenergized to make a difference. 


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