Mass Destruction – Lotus Juice

Let me tell you. After playing Persona, Persona 2: Innocent Sin, Persona 3 Portable, Persona 3 FES and Persona 4, I can honestly say that my favorite battle background music in the series is that of Persona 3 FES (P3F).

The opening portion is insanely catchy and creative as it incorporates brass instruments with chunk of remix. Not only that, its lyrics are stronger in language usage. It gives off the feel that it’s a ‘manly’ song, but nevertheless, it remains catchy. That’s all there is to the song and why I like it. It doesn’t use purely girl voices, but incorporates rap too. It never stops to make me break into a dance.

Mass Destruction – Lotus Juice

I thought I told y’all to sit down or get down
I’m abouta hit ground
when I’m in the box, my hits way outta this bounds
Nobody’s topping me, you know it damn right
Most of y’alls loving me, doing it all night,
Keeping my friends close and my foes closer
things getting messy but I never lick the nose up.
As I get older, see things slower,
my enemies looking like kids and I’m the grown up.
forget it I’m the next masterpiece made.
The new generation came up with the beast “ACE”
But I’m the mister nice guy.
See me I’m the wise guy.
Not a mafioso but I hustle like Mike.
lay low if you are feeling me,
I take these beats freaks go crazy with me
So put’em up in these break with me
so shake with the man, L to the J’s now follow me


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