Monthly Anime Round-Up: November 2011

Plus I didn't know how to incorporate her in the Mawaru Penguindrum portion

Momoka needs some love too.

It’s the end of the November— a sure sign that Christmas season is approaching. Christmas season— a time to spend the jolly holidays with family and relatives, but what I love most about it is the amount of time I can use to catch up on those anime series I’ve put on hold. However, the massive piles of dreaded counterproductive anime paraphernalia has caused me to place two series on hold, estimated to be viewed and caught up to during the Christmas season. It’s so sad to see you go, Persona 4 the Animation and Bakuman 2. But let us forget about that and get on with the pleasantries and epic ‘blahs’ of the November episodes all summarized in one incredibly summarized review. (Guess what time I wrote the opening remarks.)


Fate/Zero episode 6-9

How to describe the Fate/Zero using an onomatopoeia— BOOM! An adequate description of episodes 6 to 9 of Fate/Zero is pretty orange and yellow blobs of fire partnered with gray clouds of smoke. Yes, I’m taking about the overuse of bombs in November’s episode, which is no surprise as Emiya Kiritsugu is relatively inefficient in magic. Hey, at least he isn’t part of the majority of wimpy magic wielders. Not only do you see bomb fireworks, but you also see the magic of never ending bullets in most episodes. But even with the abuse of firepower, ufotable still manages to make the series pretty— it even looks pretty when watching through a Facebook player.

Other than that, Fate/Zero has managed to escape the dialogue paradigm, prompting itself to use action as a means of conversation— albeit to the played out bullets and bombs. Not only that, Fate/Zero has managed to make itself interesting with its characters and crazy personalities. Plot wise, the series has been great because it shows the past of most servants along with the motives of their masters.

Mirai Nikki episode 5-8

Mirai Nikki has managed to kill off 4 characters in a span of 8 episodes all because of its crazy plot. That’s the genius of Mirai Nikki— its plot twists and turns. Each death is unique along with the trials leading to the person’s death. Not only that, Mirai Nikki has this psychological aspect to it that starts to get to its viewers. A recurring theme in the series is the inability to trust others. This is because killing is an aspect in the game world Mirai Nikki creates and creating friendships isn’t wise— considering one of them might kill you at some point in time. Mirai Nikki— questioning your friendships since its creation and airing.


Mawaru Penguindrum episode 17-20

Penguins~* I love the penguins of Mawaru Penguindrum as each of them has their own personality— a personality that showcases the inner workings of their respective owners. There is a lack of love for the penguins, so penguins~* On another note, Mawaru Penguindrum has managed to redeems itself by manifesting its actual goal partnered with the ‘what the fuck’ moment of episode 20 when we all find out that Himari is <censored>. That was insane plot twist considering the predisposition of most viewers to lean toward Shouma-Ringo and Kanba-Himari, as implied from episode 1-19. Now Shouma is Himari’s soulmate?! Mawaru Penguindrum, you have managed to revive your insanity this month— I commend you.

The only decent screenshot I have of November's Un-Go episodes

Un-Go episode 4-7

Un-Go was hitting me at the right spots to consider the idea of placing it at a grade of 1.00 along with its previos 1.25 counterparts. That all changed when I watched episode 7— a monstrosity of an episode in my opinion. It gives you no warning whatsoever that Shinjuro is transported in some alternate dimension of craziness. Episode 7 was a complete ‘what the hell is this’ episode as it was so disjointed from episode 6— until its last minute wherein it had the decency of showing Shinjuro is trapped in a paranormal world controlled by psychos. But let’s forget the disjointed episode 7 and praise episodes 4-6.

Since my other screenshots are Kazamori

Episodes 4-6 were heaven to me. While I find Inga’s power an incredible spoiler to actual mystery solving, I appreciated that episode 4 took the time to show the other limitation of the power. It should also be noted that episode 5 was incredible because it showed Kazamori as part of Shinjuro’s team AND Shinjuro’s closed-minded beliefs that shaped his reasoning for solving cases and treatment towards the human world. Episode 6 was simply fine— nothing horrible and nothing great— hey, at least it isn’t like the monstrosity of episode 7.


So how overused is this picture?

Guilty Crown episode 4-7

How to summarize Guilty Crown— PRETTY. Every part of its animation is intricate, well-schemed and shiny. From the dresses of episode 7 to the black hole in episode 4 or 5, everything in the animation is heaven to the eyes. But that’s all there is to Guilty Crown. I’m not going to put this anime on hold like what Scamp did, but it did lose some of its appeal after an unknown number of seconds. The plot has gone stale for me as I have no clue where it’s supposed to be heading. The characters are relatively dead in personality, especially Inori. Inori has this staple facial expression throughout every episode that she can pose off as a robot. But behind this lack of personality from the characters, I find it innovative that voids are used to communicate the real self of a person. Voids come in a variety of forms and that’s how Guilty Crown reels me in— through detailed animation and diverse styles of voids.

Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi episode 5-8

Fluff, Fluff, Fluff, Fluff, Fluff. That’s basically Sekai-ichi Hatsukoi to all its fans and viewers. Nothing will stop this BL series from infecting you with fluff poison and tension fractures. Yet in these episodes, not a single pairing was highlighted as it gave room to Onodera’s love, Kisa’s love and surprisingly, Isaka’s love— one I don’t remember being shown in the manga, prompting me to check out the manga once again. My favorite pairing has always been Kisa’s but after seeing that one episode of Isaka’s I was mind blown and now I want to watch that episode again. Sadly, I wasn’t able to take a screenshot because of all the awesomeness of Isaka’s episode.

Chihayafuru episode 5-9

I love the karuta development of Chihayafuru. The plot has developed splendidly for an obscure card game, but it’s great that it’s progressing somewhere. With the karuta club in full swing after getting its 5th member, the November set of episodes end with a camp for karuta training— which is postponed by Taichi’s over-achiever mother. Nevertheless, Chihayafuru has proved to be entertaining but nothing of special nature to bring it up to 1.25. On a side note, I do not know who to ship Chihaya with. o.o I like the normal & convenient nature of Arata & Chihaya, but Taichi & Chihaya is filled with so much tension that I go asdfghjkl;. Actually, the series has been obviously hinting that Taichi has a thing for Chihaya, but Chihaya is oblivious.


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